Why retirees love San Marino, CA

California is one of the best states to live in as a retiree. There are plenty of reasons making it so. It is a state with a lot of sunny days which is perfect for people with a lot of free time. This is why plenty of people decide to relocate to California when they retire. But just where in California are retirees moving to? Well, San Marino is just one of the places where you will find a community of elderly people. Just why retirees love San Marino is what you will find out in this article. And if planning on moving somewhere, here is where you will find a couple of reasons why San Marino is the perfect option.

Lovely location

The first thing to love about San Marino as a retiree is its location. It isn’t a town by the coast but it isn’t located far from it. This makes it safer during the period of high waves. San Marino sits right next to the city of Los Angeles. This is why it is also loved by a lot of young people, not just retirees.

Los Angeles.
Living close to LA has lots of pros – that is one of the reasons why retirees love San Marino.

As it is so close to LA, you have lots of things you need in your surroundings. There are plenty of malls you can easily go to, restaurants, pharmacies, medical clinics, and anything you might regularly need. When you decide to move here, you can hire amazing moving assistance in the area.

Beautiful housing

As a retiree, there will be days you will probably spend a lot of time at home. This is why living in a nice, spacious, lovely home is very important for a lot of elderly people. And one more reason why retirees love San Marino is the fact that housing in this area is perfect for the elderly.

The homes are spacious, most of them also have back yards where you could grow some fruits and vegetables. Living in a big house also means that your family can visit often, which we are assuming is essential for a lot of you reading. If you are moving from another state, you will soon realize that there are plenty of reasons to move to California. And your family will visit often certainly.

Californian house.
Finding a beautiful spacious home in San Marino will be an easy task.

The prices of homes are not as big as one would assume even though it is located so close to LA. When you do find your new San Marino home that you will be moving to, team up with a skilled team to make relocation easier. They will help you settle into your new home in no time so that you can start to explore the beauty of living in San Marino.

It is safe and peaceful

The third reason why retirees love San Marino is the fact that it is a very peaceful area. Even though it is close to Los Angeles, it is located far enough for it to be quiet without a lot of people being on the streets. Living in San Marino gives you more of a suburban feel even though you are in an urban area. People who live in San Marino know each other well. The community consists of people with small children and elderly people making this town very safe for living. No wonder it is one of the favorite California cities among young people as well as the elderly- you have everything you need to live a lovely peaceful life.