Why is winter a great time to relocate in NYC

If you are planning to relocate in NYC (within the city that is) we will show you why it could be a good idea to wait for winter. We will also show you who can help you out along the way. NYC is a huge city and even moving locally can be as complicated as moving from one state to another. Nowadays each borough is like a city of its own. That’s why people often need some additional help and asking for help from neighbors is not something New Yorkers like to do, but it’s better that way. We will of course talk more about it, now least focus on the season for relocation itself.


We will be talking about winter as the best time (or season) to relocate in general but there is one month specifically that is the best time for relocation. Yes, it’s February. The holiday rush will be long gone and everything will simply calm down. Even though the tourist season in NYC is almost a whole year long, February is a bit more peaceful, which is good news, since this time of year can be challenging for relocation, considering everything. So, this short month is an ideal time for any relocation in NYC. Now we can continue with our list of reasons why you should consider winter relocation.

New York City skyline during winter which is the best season to relocate in NYC
This is the only month in NYC when we can say that the city is not so busy and loud.

Real estate prices are at their lowest

NYC is one of the most expansive cities in the world. You can get dizzy just by looking at the prices of apartments online. All those zeros will make your head spin. But, there is a piece of good news! There is a time when prices are a bit lower. That applies to bother buying or renting a place in NYC. That’s is winter. During winter people seem to be a bit less interested in buying and moving and that’s why it’s the perfect time for you to get a new place and relocate. You will save some money.

Movers are not as busy

There are hundreds of moving companies in NYC but there are millions of people living them and you will notice a shortage of manpower during spring. Movers are overworked during those nice sunny days. During the winter they don’t have as much work so you can book them whenever you want and they can focus on you better. Even those amazing full-service moving companies like Divine Moving and Storage that have to offer much more than just relocation can be too busy during the spring or summer. That’s why we believe that winter is a perfect season for relocation. You won’t be doing the heavy lifting and driving. So, even if the roads are icy you have trained professionals to deal with it.

You can finish everything by the springtime

If you relocate in NYC or within NYC to be exact during the winter you will have plenty of time to unpack and settle in before springtime. Why spring? Well, that is the best time to do some additional work in your new place. Like painting or such. When you unpack and see how everything looks it will be much easier to decide what else you want to be done and what you want your new place to look like. By the time you are all done the right time for all those DIY projects will come, how convenient is that?

Its easier to meet your new neighbors

New Yorkers are by nature busy bees. If you add nice weather to it, chances are you won’t be able to catch your new neighbors at home during the day. It’s nice to get to know your new neighbors and befriend them if it feels right. Winter is a perfect time for that, add some mulled wine to it and you and your new neighbors can have an amazing winter chill.

Woman in winter clothes taking a selfie
And another great thing about winter is since it’s less crowded you can take cool pictures like this without hundreds of people that are in the way like usually.

The easiest way to relocate in NYC

We already mentioned that to relocate in NYC or within NYC can be quite complicated because it’s so big and that is the reason why we always recommend hiring professional movers to transfer all your items safely and do the rest of the hard work for you. If you are moving just down the street you can ask maybe your friends to help out. But you will be still risking someone getting injured while heavy lifting. This is simply the safest way.

Settling in after you relocate in NYC – winter edition

We talked about you getting to know your new neighbors after you settle in but now we should focus on unpacking and settling in. There are only two ways to unpack all your household items quickly. The first way is by preparing everything properly. If you have done this part right it won’t be so hard at all. If you are not sure how to pack properly try downloading a few packing and moving apps. They will help you. The second way to unpack is to hire movers to do this part for you as well. They can unpack you in no time.

woman unpacking after relocation
Unpacking is a pretty boring chore but it needs to be done.

Good luck with your upcoming winter relocation

Don’t forget to dress in layers. NYC is known to be pretty cold during winter, but that shouldn’t stop you. This is just a reason to get a warm hat and fuzzy socks. Your relocation can continue as planned. Good luck and try to avoid any additional stress if possible.