Why Bloomfield is one of the nicest towns to live in NJ

Not many people have heard of Bloomfield until a few years ago when it started gaining popularity. Bloomfield is one of the nicest towns to live in NJ. But why? What makes Bloomfield stand out so much from the rest of the towns in New Jersey? That’s exactly what we are here to tell you. Bloomfield has proven that even though it is very small, it has everything you need and more to live there happily.

Where is Bloomfield located?

The first thing you probably want to know is where this lovely, small town is located. It’s located just to the east of Montclair, just above Newark. It takes 30 minutes for a train from Bloomfield to reach Penn Station. This is one of the reasons why this town gained such popularity. This makes traveling for work in New York City by train very fast and efficient and it’s exactly why many people choose to live here.

A train in motion.

Traveling by train to New York and Jersey City is very fast if you live in Bloomfield.

What is Bloomfield like generally?

Bloomfield is home to about 45,000 residents but this number has been increasing rapidly. It is more urban than Montclair or Glen Ridge because of the type of homes that are built here. Bloomfield has been known as a working-class town for a long time. Other things worth mentioning are that this town is very safe, one of the safest places in New Jersey. It is located far away from big cities where crime is a problem. It is a diverse town even though it is small and the people in Bloomfield are very welcoming. Establishing a good relationship with your neighbors is very easy in Bloomfield. Generally, this won is very charming.

Home prices in Bloomfield

Now that you know some things about Bloomfield, it’s time to hear the home prices. You’d be thrilled to find out that home prices in this town aren’t high at allThe median home value in Bloomfield is $346,600. It is still higher than most of the towns in the United States but considering where you live and the quality of the homes in this town, this is a pretty reasonable price to pay. But have in mind that home prices are expected to grow by almost 4% next year. So, if you were thinking about purchasing a home in this town, we suggest doing it as soon as possible.

Renting in this town won’t cost you much at all either. For less than $2,000 a month you will be able to live in a very nice home. Relocation here is very simple, so if you feel like this is the right place for you to move to, we think you should do it.


Home prices in Bloomfield are reasonable.

Is Bloomfield suitable for raising a family?

A lot of young people have been moving here over the last few years with the goal of starting a family. So, yes, Bloomfield is suitable for raising a family. Bloomfield has one of the best school districts in Northern New Jersey. It was ranked the number 2 most diverse school district as well as one of the safest school districts in New Jersey. There are 8 pre-K schools, 3 public schools, 1 private school, and 1 college – Bloomfield College. This means that this town has everything your child needs.

Art and entertainment in one of the nicest towns to live in NJ

The schools are not the only thing that is important for a child while it’s growing up. Your child has to have plenty of fun and meet with the art. Bloomfield offers this experience as it is one of the most fun places to live in. Oakeside Cultural Center is where your child will be able to see and even participate in historical interpretation, art programs, gardening, recreation, and many different cultural events. Bloomfield also has several professional theaters and dance companies, various concert bands and orchestras, as well as acting schools. These are all the thing a town need to have and Bloomfield has it all which is why we find this ton to be one of the nicest towns to live in NJ.

Outdoor activities

Being outside is very important for people of all ages. Luckily, Bloomfieil has plenty of parks where you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities. Watsessing Park is the best park in town. You can enjoy the sunny days by the river here, you can bring your dog here too. There’s plenty of fun things for children to play with. It’s very clean and well-kept and it’s exactly why Bloomfield’s residents love it so much.

A mother and her baby in a park.

Being outside is very important for people of all ages.

If you’re someone who enjoys golfing, there’s something for you in Bloomfield too so don’t try to move heavy furniture on your own just yet. Save your back for the amazing golfing courses in Bloomfield. Forest Hill Field Club is where you can go golfing any time you like. And if you enjoy sitting by the lake and relaxing your mind, Clarks Pond will be your favorite spot in town. There’s just something for everyone here and it’s exactly why it’s one of the nicest towns to live in NJ.


If all of this didn’t make you think that Bloomfield is one of the nicest towns to live in NJ, nothing will. This town has plenty of things to offer and it’s waiting for people to use every single one of those things. So, if you weren’t considering moving to this town before, it’s time to start as it truly is amazing.