What to do if you damage rented property while moving in or out?

Accidents happen, as usual, in situations when they are at least wanted. When you damage something of your own property you will feel sad but the real trouble is when you manage to damage other people’s things. This becomes a problem when it happens to you while moving in or out. What to do if you damage rented property while moving in or out? This is a big question but a solvable one.

How did this happen?

Shaking hands
Make a deal

Any movement of things, disposing or relocating can lead to damage. One wrong move of heavy furniture, for example, and you are in trouble. Damage that happens over time, like cracks in the wall or other types of wear and tear, is the responsibility of the landlord to fix, but in other cases, it is your responsibility as a tenant. There are so many ways to damage property. That can include anything from a broken toilet seat to a scratched table, missing door handles, or carpets soaked with pet urine. The mean question is: What to do if you damage rented property while moving in or out?

Explore your options

Landlords can legally charge for any damages and you are required to return the unit to the previous condition or to find some satisfactory compensation option. Whatever scenario happens, it is best to inform your landlord and to agree on the best solution that suits you both. A fair deal is always the best option. There are several ways to correct what has been done without drama :

  • Fix it
  • Replace it
  • Use deposit

Repair is the best option

If you damage rented property while moving in or out, try to fix it. Most things, unless permanently damaged or broken can be repaired. Wooden parts can be polished and repaired, cloth sewn. If you are incapable of doing ha, you can always find some help.

Fix and repair

Find replacment

You can be lucky enough to damage something small and replicable. When luck doesn’t serve you, it may happen to you to break something big, something of great value, and no longer can be found and bought. In that case, make a deal with a landlord to replace that item with something similar or with something that you already have.

A safe harbour

Whether you moving in or out, you are going to talk about the deposit with your landlord. A security deposit is any money a landlord takes from a tenant and it may be used to cover damage if you blemish rented property while moving in or out. If there is no other way to compensate or repair the damage, this is an option.

There are ways to act smart if you damage rented property while moving in or out. The most important thing is to find the right option which suits you and your landlord. Don’t experience this too dramatically, these things happen everywhere and to everyone. Relax and try to solve the obstacle as best you can.