What American Expats say about life in Kuwait

So, you have in mind relocating to Kuwait with your family members. That can be a great life experience. All of you must be very excited about this upcoming change. However, you also feel a bit confused for you are not sure how life there will be. Do not worry. In this text, you will find very interesting information about life in Kuwait. Moreover, you will learn something more about their culture, food, customs, work, and other important things. Pay special attention to their laws that are different from the ones in the United States of America. Without further ado, let’s see how American ex-pats live in Kuwait. Enjoy your reading!

Cultural life in Kuwait

Firstly, all people who come to work there from all parts of the world must respect their culture. Maybe the most important piece of information is that eating and drinking is strictly forbidden in public during Ramadan, the holy month. Also, businesses and all the other activities that people may have are scheduled according to their holidays. In addition, we have to mention that many of their holidays depend on the position of the moon. That means that many holidays are announced just a couple of days earlier. On the other hand, some public holidays in Kuwait are planned months in advance.

Minarets you will see everywhere during your life in Kuwait.
All people who move to Kuwait must respect their cultural customs and rules.

What ways of relocation to Kuwait American ex-pats advise?

All Americans ex-pats advise hiring a professional moving company for Kuwait relocation. Nowadays, you can find excellent moving companies on the internet. However, be careful before you hire some of them. Make sure to contact a couple of them and ask for their prices, services, and everything that interests you. Checking reputable and experienced professionals like Easy Move KW, for example. Professionals can handle this type of relocation easily and efficiently.

Social life in Kuwait

When it comes to social life there, American expats are satisfied with restaurants, shopping malls, and many cafes. There are many tips for those who want to live in this country. One of them is avoiding alcohol. It is not allowed anywhere. If someone dares to drink it in public, it will be considered a terrible insult to people there. The good thing is that people from all parts of the world are coming to work there. Therefore, you will be able to meet many different persons in Kuwait.

How American women live in Kuwait

In Kuwait, women have to be careful about how they dress. It does not matter if they are from Western countries, their laws and customs must be respected. Therefore, women in Kuwait usually wear long skirts, dresses that cover knees, or trousers. Clothes that uncovers much skin is completely out of question. In addition, women should avoid tighter clothes. Respecting their dress code is especially important during Ramadan. If women have visas, they can drive in Kuwait.

Traffic in Kuwait.
American women can drive in Kuwait if they have a visa.


In Kuwait, you can find various excellent restaurants with tasty food. You can choose from places with their traditional food to American restaurants that serve fast food. Most people who move to Kuwait are very satisfied with the dishes there. They often have dinners in Indian and Lebanese restaurants. In addition, they also like ordering food from these places by using special apps. Importantly, many restaurants have their internet sites from which you can order their dishes. Nowadays, more and more people prefer this way, especially when they have no time to go out and have dinner.

Working in Kuwait

Many people are moving to Kuwait for work. Certainly, they all can choose from so many options. Kuwait has to offer many job opportunities. People who are single often choose to relocate there. In addition, people with families are also moving to Kuwait. If you want to be able to drive there, you should speak to your employer about all the details related to your visa. People in Kuwait work six days a week. Working hours depend on somebody’s profession. Moreover, you should tell your employer how many hours you want to work before you come there. Due to their public holidays, you will have enough rest. In addition, you will also have more time to do things you love.

A conference room.
There are many job opportunities in Kuwait.

Life expenses in Kuwait

When it comes to living expenses in Kuwait, they are certainly not low. Many American ex-pats say that groceries are more expensive than in the United States. That is because they are imported. Moreover, many employers offer apartments to their workers, which is excellent. Rents in Kuwait are very high. While things from Western countries are expensive, the price of petrol is surprisingly low. Also, eating in restaurants is more expensive than in the United States.

How American ex-pats spend their weekends?

Many people who come to Kuwait from America usually spend their weekends visiting other places. Traveling to nearby countries is easy, because of their numerous public holidays. And you will definitely have the time to explore beautiful places when you are on vacation. For example, many love visiting Dubai, for its’ flight is very short from Kuwait. Definitely, in other countries, you will not have this possibility. Therefore, if you decide to relocate to Kuwait with your family, you will not regret it. You will have a chance to experience a different culture and meet many new people from all around the world and also make new friends. Your children will be delighted to have a chance to visit many exotic places on weekends and holidays.