The wealthiest cities in Kentucky in 2020

Are you thinking about moving to Kentucky? Well, you are going to love this state! Before you organize moving to this state, there are some things you should know. First of all, this state is located in the Southern United States and it has a population of over 4 million. So, if you like a small state that has a lot of options, Kentucky should be definitely your future destination. But, there are also the wealthiest cities in Kentucky you should consider as your future place of living. Be sure that choosing some of them is a good score.

What are the wealthiest cities in Kentucky?

So, what are the wealthiest cities in this state that can be suitable for your lifestyle? Here is a list of them:

  • Edgewood. – The first on the list of the wealthiest cities in Kentucky is Edgewood. It has a population of over 8,000 people. The median income is $99,183. Speaking about the unemployment rate, it is only 2.6%.
  • Fort Wright. – The median income is $74,798 and the unemployment rate is 1.6%. It is a small town. The population is only 5,724 people.
  • Fort Mitchel.- Speaking about the unemployment rate, we can say that it is the lowest one. In Forth Mitchel, there is only 0.4% unemployment. The median income is $66,754. Like previous cities, the population is not big. There are only 8,237 people.
  • Hillview.- When we talk about this city, it is similar to the previous ones on the list. In Hillview, the median income is $59,400 and the unemployment rate is 2.7%. The population is near 9,000 people.
  • Jeffersontown.- The last city from the list. It is the largest one since there are over 28,000 people who live in Jeffersontown. The unemployment rate is 3.6% and the median income is over $69,000.

We have presented to you the wealthiest places in Kentucky that you can choose as your future place of living. No matter which of them you choose as your future place of living, be sure to organize your relocation properly. That means that you should hire a professional moving company. In this way, moving all over the state with ease is possible. Just be prepared and focused on your moving process.

A home in Kentucky.

You can expect a low unemployment rate and peace in these cities.

Define your entire budget

Since you will have the costs of buying a property in some of the cities in Kentucky and the moving costs, you should define your budget in general. Speaking about the moving costs, you have to define them on time, so you can start the entire process. Also, you should know all about hidden moving costs to look out for. A good idea is to separate these two costs. If you separate them, you will have a clear image of your budget situation.

A calculator on the notebook and a pen.

Define your budget in general.

Enjoy Kentucky!

As you can see, you have different options to choose from when we talk about the wealthiest cities in Kentucky. Whatever your decision is, be sure that you will not make a mistake. You are going to enjoy Kentucky and your future city because you will experience a lot of new and different things.