Ways you can help your elderly parents move to a new home

Let’s say you have decided your elderly parents should move to a new house, nursing home, or a memory care facility. It must’ve been a tough decision, after all – they’re the ones that made the decisions for you while you were young. Now, the situation is turned upside down. They’re old, fragile and you’re the one caring for them. In the text below, we’ll show you, in simple terms, ways you can help your elderly parents move without them having to endure the so-called transfer trauma.

Be sympathetic to their needs

Saying goodbye to a place where you’ve lived for decades and raised your family can really be a tough one. So much emotion invested in every part of your living space, and now you have to leave, because somehow now you represent a burden to your children? We will all go through it someday. Well, most of us. So, instead of plainly ordering them to leave their home, which is something you probably wouldn’t do in that manner, show empathy and kindness. A good talk never hurt anyone.

Old black and white photo of a father holding his daughter
The roles have been reversed. Now, you are the one taking care of your dad.

Help your elderly parents move and cope with downsizing

There’s no reason to emphasize the fact your parents moving to a nursing home or a memory care center will drastically reduce their living space. It’s the same with parents moving to a new house. In most cases – it’s evidently smaller than their previous residence so downsizing is more than necessary. Help them choose what they want to bring along – it’s a good opportunity to relive some fine memories with your loved ones.

Helping your elderly parents move without anxiety

You need to be well organized before the moving day arrives. For starters – you need people, whether it’s a moving company or your friends. It may be best if you could get people emotionally close to your parents (relatives, former colleagues, etc.) to help you move. If that, for some reason, cannot be done, consider finding a specialist, a senior move manager. There to provide you and your parents with moving logistics and above all – the crucial emotional support – hiring a professional senior move manager might be just the thing you need. Moving your elderly parents without unnecessary anxiety should be at the top of your priorities.

An elderly man holding a stress ball.
Of course, you want to help your elderly parents move, but the task might be quite challenging. Consider finding a specialist in the field.

After you make the move

There’s still work to be done. Although, the worst part is over. Your parents are settled in their new home. Let’s suppose it’s a retirement home or an assisted living facility. Ask your parents if they’re having some problems with their new surroundings. See if you can be of any help. You need to make sure they are getting the best care possible by talking to the staff of the facility. If they’re living by themselves try to be helpful as much as you can. You should always free up some time for their needs.

Hopefully, this text will or has already been of some use to you if you plan to help your elderly parents move, which is, as we all know, a situation that almost always requires some outside attention.