The Ultimate Checklist for your move Part 2

Moving is always a stressful process full of forgetting things, checking your lists, reminding yourself that you haven’t done something etc. And, while we understand that as you’re taking a shower you will probably remember each and every thing which you should do, only to forget it as soon as you’re dry, we are here today to complete the Ultimate Checklist for your move, which will hopefully help you stay organized throughout the messy relocation process.

As you’ve probably noticed that this post is numbered as ‘part two’ we would like to inform you that there is, in fact, a ‘part one’. After all, an Ultimate Checklist is bound to be quite long. You are welcome to read through our previous post in case you wish to have any more information for those steps, but, we will be providing a checklist at the end, which is available for print and will include every step of our Ultimate Checklist. So, shall we begin with:

Three weeks before your move, you should strike these off your Ultimate Checklist

  • Plan accordingly: Contact your utilities and other services

    Plan everything accordingly and keep it near you. Make sure to keep striking tasks off your Ultimate Checklist!

Let us remind you here to inform your utilities and services about your change of

address, if you haven’t already. We would suggest having your utilities and other services cancelled the day after your move, as you will still need your internet connection for Googling emergencies, etc. As for contacting your utilities and services at your new home after the move, we would suggest that you ask for the services to be turned on the day before you arrive.

  • Party hard: Say your goodbyes accordingly

If you are planning on organizing a farewell party, do so now. A good thing to do is decide if you will be giving any of your well-preserved items to your friends, and we would suggest doing so at the party.

  • Confirm everything: Have all your travel plans ready

If you are driving overnight to get to your new home, we’re going to put the reminder on your Ultimate Checklist to make sure that your arrangement are set. Check with your hotel that your room is booked and make sure to check the prices of gas and rest stops which you could use on your way.

  • No chaos: Arrange for childcare and/or pet care

Be sure to strike this one off your Ultimate Checklist at least three weeks before your move. If you have any children or pets, arrange for someone to take care of them on the day of the move. Also, consider arranging for childcare/pet care the day of your arrival to your new home. This will make your move a much less stressful ordeal.

At two weeks before your relocation, here are some things which should be stricken off your Ultimate Checklist

  • Call your boss: Arrange to have time off on moving day

This is going to be very important for your move, be sure to contact your office/boss and give notice for your time off in a timely fashion.

  • Get up-to-date: Take your car to the shop

    Strike off taking your car to the shop off your Ultimate Checklist.

Make sure to tune up your car before traveling to a new location, especially if you’re going to a different climate during your move.

  • Get your money: Clean out your safe-deposit box

If you will be changing banks during your move, be sure to get your assets in order. Arrange for a safe box which you will be transporting your money in and make sure to have it with you during your relocation.

  • More clean-up: Dispose of any hazardous materials

Another thing on which should be on any moving checklist, therefore, it is on our Ultimate Checklist as well – make sure to clean out any hazardous materials at your home before your change of address. If you are unsure of which items need to be disposed of, contact your moving company or rental company. They will be able to provide you with a lengthy list.

  • Check once more: Contact the rental agency or the moving company

Strike off confirming the arrangements with these companies at this time off your Ultimate Checklist.

Here are some things on the Ultimate Checklist which you should finish during the last week before your move

  • Be prepared: Re-fill your prescriptions

Does this part of the Ultimate Checklist need an explanation? Still, we wouldn’t want you to forget something this important in the hectic packing of your move.

  • The last of packing: Suitcases

    You should strike off packing your essentials into your suitcases from your Ultimate Checklist.

Before you should check this part off your Ultimate Checklist, you should make sure to have enough clothing for your family to wear for a few days and the essentials in these suitcases.

  • Think ahead: Pack a survival box

In this box, you should have the items which you will need after you move, so, as soon as you move into your new home. Be sure to include items like toiletries, sheets, kitchen items, etc. Be sure to label it as Pack/Load last. This way, this box will be available to you as soon as you start unloading the moving truck.

Some things to strike off your Ultimate Checklist a couple of days before your move

  • No ice: Defrost your fridge

If you are moving your fridge with you, then you should start the defrosting process as early as 24 hours before your move. Make sure that it is clean and dry before it is loaded into the moving/rental van.

  • Take precaution: Double-check

There is no such thing as being too cautious, so, be sure to call your moving company and double-check their arrival time and any other specifics. Before striking this off your Ultimate Checklist write down the directions to your new home, as well as your contact information for the movers. Make sure that you have your payment for the company ready and some tipping money for the workers in case you are satisfied with their services.

Final things from your Ultimate Checklist to do on the day of your move

  • Be cautious: Verify

Scams are not unheard of, so, make sure to check if the moving truck arrives on time, as well as if the USDOT number matches the one which you received from the company on your estimate.

  • Keep track: Take inventory of loaded boxes/items

Before striking the final thing off your Ultimate Checklist, make sure to sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy of it for yourself. And finally, you are ready to set off!

Here is a list of all of these tasks in one place, easy for you to print out:

The Ultimate Checklist for a move

8 weeks

  • Keep, sell, give away or trash
  • Start calling
  • Make a binder for your move
  • Make a list of all the items in your home
  • Organize school records
  • Role-play an interior designer for a bit

4-6 weeks

  • Get packing supplies for your move
  • Tell everybody
  • Start packing
  • Choose your movers or your rental agency
  • Forward your medical records
  • Sell or donate

3 weeks

  • Contact your utilities and other services
  • Say your goodbyes accordingly
  • Have all your travel plans ready
  • Arrange for childcare and/or pet care

2 weeks

  • Arrange to have time off on moving day
  • Take your car to the shop
  • Clean out your safe-deposit box
  • Dispose of any hazardous materials
  • Contact the rental agency or the moving company

1 week

  • Re-fill your prescriptions
  • Suitcases
  • Pack a survival box

Few days

  • Defrost your fridge
  • Double-check

Day of the move

  • Verify
  • Take inventory of loaded boxes/items