The Ultimate Checklist for your move Part 1

Relocation is always an exhausting process, whether it is the first move after your senior year, or the one after you’re done with college or when you need to change your address because of your job. And as you’re going through this hectic process, there are simply one too many things to remember. This, of course, leads to even more stress and exhaustion. So, today we are writing about the Ultimate Checklist for a move, in chronological order. We are also including a checklist at the end, which you will be able to print out and pin to the most convenient place to keep you on track. We hope that you have a great, organized move!

Some things which should be on your checklist eight weeks before your move

  • Sort through your belongings: Keep, sell, give away or trash

There are simply one too many things in everyone’s household. And, as you are preparing for a move, even two months before the relocation itself, you should slowly begin to consider what is worth keeping,

A thing on your Ultimate Checklist for the move will definitely be sorting through your belongings

and what isn’t. Yes, we know that you have a number of mementos or sentimental items, and we’re not saying to leave those behind. But, we’re suggesting a bit more of a minimalistic approach to your lifestyle, only for a few weeks.

So, we would suggest that you go from room to room, going from the least used ones to the most used ones, sorting things into different piles. The keep ones will be easy. As for selling, there are always online sites which will take used items, like eBay. Holding a garage sale is always a good idea, as well. Consider giving away some of the items in good condition to your family, friends or neighbors, especially if you’re asking them to help you move. And lastly, look up where you can donate some of the items, as well. Finally, after all of that is done, throw away the unusable things which you will not be taking with you.

  • Begin the research: Start calling

Another thing which needs to be on an Ultimate Checklist for your move is calling movers or rental companies. We would recommend checking out at least five, but if you really don’t have the time, three will be enough. Be sure to ask for an on-site estimate, as well as having it written on paper. When you have them in your hands, check if there is a USDOT code on it. You will especially need it if you are moving out of state.

  • Collect everything in one place: Make a binder for your move

Keep your estimates, receipts and plans in one place. Also, any important documents which you need should go here.

  • Keep everything in mind: Make a list of all the items in your home

This is one of the optionals on our Ultimate Checklist for a move, but you should at least take inventory of the larger items which you own, like wardrobes, beds and tables. As for the smaller things, you might want to take inventory of the boxes as you pack them, as well as jot down a brief description of contents on the top.

  • Be creative: Role-play an interior designer for a bit

      Always wanted to be an interior designer? We have put that on your Ultimate Checklist for the move, as well

After you’ve written down all the furniture which you own, we suggest that you strike off this thing from our Ultimate Checklist, as well. Get a floor plan of your future home and plan where you will put what before you move in.

  • Back to school: Organize school records

If you have children, collecting all of the documentation for their school should definitely be on your list.

Four to six weeks before your move, you should strike these off your checklist

  • Order or buy: Get packing supplies for your move

A thing which needs to be on your checklist is getting the proper amount of supplies. Decide if you’re going to rent, but or borrow boxes and be sure to go through your belongings to determine the necessary amount and sizes of the packaging for your relocation. Add to this checklist bubblewrap, markers or sharpies, paperwrap or newswrap and tape, as well. Also, jot down a note on your list that you should check if your movers will offer these supplies at a lower price.

  • Tell everybody: And we do mean everybody

So, here, there are a couple of things to do in order to scratch this off your Ultimate Checklist. Let’s begin with filling out the change of address form at your local post office or online ( Also, notify other important parties and your utilities companies: banks, employer’s HR, any subscriptions which you may have (magazines, newspapers, etc.), as well as your insurance provider and brokerage firms. And, of course, how could we forget, do tell your friends and family of your relocation plans.

  • Begin the impossible feat: Start packing

Another thing to check off your Ultimate Checklist here is the obvious: packing. Yeah, we’ve mentioned this a bit earlier, telling you that you should go and sort through your things, but this is where the serious packing begins. Separate your valuables (jewelry and important documents) into one corner and label every box, so that your unpacking can be much easier. Feel free to also write down which room the box goes to.

  • Make a decision: Choose your movers or your rental agency

Strike off the movers from your Ultimate Checklist: reserve their services early!

We would suggest that you check this part of your Ultimate moving Checklist as well. Call the company which you have decided to hire and confirm your arrangements this early on. Be sure to ask them if there are any extra fees which you will need to pay and get that estimate on paper, as well.

  • Go to the doctor’s: Forward your medical records

If you are moving somewhere close-by, this won’t be necessary. But, if you are going out of city or out of state, be sure to forward your medical records and ask for referrals from your current physician.

  • Earn some money and be a good Samaritan: Sell or donate

This is the time to refer back to our point at the top of the Ultimate Checklist for your move: if you are selling or giving away the items which you won’t be keeping, this is the moment to do so. If you are donating, do so now.

So, we leave you here and advise you to stay tuned for the part two of this checklist next week!