Turning your basement into a home gym

Living a healthy life is a recipe for long living. Besides the moderation in food, it is essential to be active. Sometimes, although it does not look or feel like that, being active requires a lot of time and effort. If you do not have a gym nearby, going there will take you a long time and monthly membership fees can be an extra expense. If you have some extra space, the basement, for example, you can solve this problem easily. Turning your basement into a home gym can be an interesting and useful task.

Preparation is vital

You can have your own gym just a few steps away from you, open 24\7. All you have to do is to prepare the basement. This will be a process so prepare some money, patience, and time. The main tasks editing and furnishing the space. Each task has several steps, so make a good plan and start. Clean everything after you finish the renovation and clean it well.

Corridor and the steps
Make a step

Pleasant surrounding

Since you are planning to turn your basement into a home gym, you have to be realistic about this space. This is probably the underground place, so it is crucial to think about :

  • Waterproofing the walls – Determine all sources of water and moisture in the basement and fill the cracks. You can seal it successfully from the inside. Don’t hesitate to call the experts for this.
  • Ventilation and conditioning – The basements can warm and humid, especially in summer. Heat and moisture are the perfect conditions for germs so it is essential to take care of the ventilation. You are going to need some fresh air during the workout so the next step is the installation of proper conditioning.
  • Lightning – Probably, you have few small windows in the basement or maybe none of them. You are going to need light. Be sure to arrange it right and on the right spots.
  • Floor padding – Invest in it. You will save your feet and your equipment. You can find several types of it, all different in size, shape, and price.
Green yoga mat helps in turning your basement into a home gym
Good conditions are very important

Be equipped

Turning your basement into a home gym will probably extract a lot of money from your pocket. Although you can do a lot of exercises with your own weight, it would be nice to have some equipment. You will always be able to set aside some money for a few things that may mean to you a lot. Also, consider finding some help when moving heavy gym equipment, you do not want to hurt yourself.

You can always buy small gym equipment like resistance bands, jump rope, medicine ball, dumbbells, kettlebell, balance ball. Most of the equipment you can make by yourself using some sewing tricks. You can make bags and grout them with sand, fill up some bottles with concrete to make weights. Find some ideas online and save your money like that.

Weights on a rack
Turning your basement into a home gym can be a great decision

A few last notes

Besides the gym equipment, don’t forget the mirrors and the scale, it will be of great importance to observe your progress. This is a great opportunity to take care of your health and to save money in the long term. Turning your basement into a home gym will be something good that you will implement for your own good. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing.