Should you trust online moving reviews?

When you’re getting ready to move there are many things on your mind. There are many things to pack, a lot of stuff to take care of, and logistics can be a nightmare. On top of all that you need to choose a moving company to help you with your relocation. So, naturally, you go online and check the local moving companies. All of them state that they’re the best, but there are also reviews. However, not all of those are reliable. Read on to find out should you trust online moving reviews and how to spot fake ones.

Read the reviews with three stars

Recent studies have shown that the most reliable moving reviews are ones where people rated the company with three stars out of five. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all five-star moving reviews are fake. You just need to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect moving company. So, if it seems that all of the customers are 100% satisfied, something isn’t right. Also, if someone mentions the names of people who moved them, you can be sure that the review is fake. No one remembers the names of the movers.

The same goes for one-star moving reviews. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and some people simply can’t cope with that so they write all kinds of things. Also, if you see a review that seems a little bit too personal or uses rude language it should immediately raise a red flag. Competition is strong in moving business, and some people aren’t afraid of playing dirty.

Man giving a one star review.

You should be suspicious about both one star and five star moving reviews.

What else should you look for

There are more things that you should consider when trying to determine if should you trust online moving reviews. For instance, too general reviews should be discarded immediately. You should look for ones that have relevant and precise information about the move. It doesn’t matter if the review is positive or negative, it should be concise and it should provide information. If it fails to do that, it is probably fake.

Man on the phone, thinking about whether you should trust online moving reviews.

Call the desired company and ask them should you trust online moving reviews of their company.

Another thing to look for is the repetition of any kind. If you see the same typos and the same choice of words, that means that probably one person wrote all the reviews. And you shouldn’t bother with that company any longer. Also, fake reviewers love to use all caps for some reason, so be aware of that too. Don’t start moving cross country with a company that has a lot of these types of reviews at any cost.

Should you trust online moving reviews? – Contact the company

After you have read everything that there is to read, and if it seems that the company is reliable, call them. Get confirmation of everything that is written online. This is the time when you need to have a lot of questions up your sleeve. Talk about moving rates and get your free moving estimate. Check what kind of services they can provide for what price. Even be bold and ask them should you trust online moving reviews of their company. If everything checks out, you have found yourself reliable movers so you can begin with your relocation.