Top reasons to relocate to Yuma, AZ

Arizona is probably one of the more beautiful locations to move to, especially if you are into nature. Even though there are many cities you could pick as your destination, Yuma stands out above all. With that in mind, let’s talk about the top reasons to relocate to Yuma, AZ!

A haven for nature lovers

We must start with what we enjoy the most! If you are an outdoor person, you will fall head over heels with the Arizona mountain ranges, rivers, and national parks. There are over 190 mountain ranges that are perfect for hiking. As the crown jewel, Arizona is home to the Colorado River and the most famous Grand Canyon.

When it comes to Yuma, the weather is always sunny. That makes Yuma a perfect city for anyone who likes to spend days outdoors. Even if you are not moving, you should at least visit Yuma while on a vacation.

A sign for hiking.
If you love nature and hiking, you will love Yuma! It is that simple!

Besides the great weather, Yuma also has fantastic mountain trails for hiking:

  • Painted Desert trail – at Imperial National Wildlife Refuge
  • Palm Canyon – at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Bear in mind, however, that these trails are located outside the city. If you are looking for a closer hike, you can go to East Wetlands and enjoy in the historic part of Yuma while hiking.

It is also worth mentioning that Yuma has over 30 beautiful parks for recreational activities. With that in mind, you can visit a different park every week and make a day out of it. If you’re outdoorsy and you relocate to Yuma, AZ, you will never be bored!

People are open and friendly

Being a city that focuses on family values, people in Yuma are very friendly. With population just over 100,000, the city is on the smaller side. The population is very diverse and all of this adds to Yuma’s unique flavor and atmosphere.

Everything is within reach

Another one of many benefits of living in a small town is that all of the necessities are within easy reach. Grocery shops, restaurants, bars, public services, parks, and entertainment centers and malls are close, no matter where you are. This is a real time saver for busy people.

Living in Yuma is affordable

Being an agricultural city, the economy in Yuma is on the rise. New job openings are popping up quickly, and the overall living expenses are lower for around 5% than the state’s average.

A chart showing an increase in finances, and a piggy bank with coins and bills.
Because living in Yuma is affordable, you can save money and improve the quality of your life.

This economical lifestyle allows for easy relocation from other parts of the state, even if you are moving on a budget.

Furthermore, Yuma is home to some great public schools. It’s great for families as great healthcare is also widely available.

Yuma has a plethora of entertaining activities

Besides hiking, there are so many fun activities for people who live in Yuma.

Besides visiting restaurants and bars, you can participate in outdoor activities, sports, go fishing and hunting, or simply enjoy the city’s art and history. All of those activities put Yuma on a list of the most fun places in the US.

Healthcare in Yuma

One of the most prestigious health care centers is located in Yuma. Yuma Regional Medical Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and finest medical professionals. Over 200 skilled employees are there to help you get medical attention, whether it is a regular physical exam or a complicated surgery.

A drawing of people in different colors, standing in a circle and holding hands.
Yuma has a diverse and friendly community, it is a place where everyone can feel like home.

Yuma Regional Medical Center does not only provide medical assistance, but also invests in future healthcare technologies. New facilities are constantly being built, and YRMC strives to widen the array of services they provide.

Fun facts about Yuma

We cannot really talk about the top reasons to relocate to Yuma, AZ, without mentioning a couple of fun facts about the city.

It is a training ground for military pilots

Believe it or not, but Yuma has one of the most prestigious training centers for military pilots. Almost 80% of marines are trained in Yuma to become pilots one day. Even though it may be a bit noisy from time to time, you will soon get used to it. The upside is that you, as a resident, have access to the free annual air show. Many military families are moving here for practical reasons.

Yuma Territorial Prison – a place of history and mystery

If by any chance, you were born at a different time, and you managed to build a career as a professional stagecoach robber, you would probably end up in Yuma Territorial Prison at one point.

All kidding aside, this historical landmark was one of the most crowded prisons 1900s’, until it was closed in 1909. Once a prison for over 3000 criminals, it now stands as a tourist attraction, and inspiration for Wild West movies, like “3:10 to Yuma” or “Rawhide“. 

MMA fans, get ready to have some fun!

Even though Yuma is not that famous for professional sports, it is home to a couple of renowned names in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. Fighters like Edgar Garcia, Kevin Gastelum, and Cain Velasquez started here, in the local MMA gym known as The Chamber.

Top reasons to relocate to Yuma, AZ – delivered!

Here is a short list of the top reasons to relocate to Yuma, AZ:

  • beautiful, warm weather during the entire year
  • affordable lifestyle
  • the quiet, family-oriented atmosphere
  • beautiful scenery and nature

Yuma is a fantastic place for people who want to settle down with their loved ones. Furthermore, it offers plenty of tourist attractions, which makes it suitable for vacations. In the end, no matter what the reason is, coming to Yuma, AZ will not be a mistake!