Top Reasons for moving to Brooklyn

If you’re reading this article then you’re doubtless just one step away from moving to The City That Never Sleeps. And if you are, by any chance having second thoughts, I will help you to make that final decision. Before I start listing all pros why you’d start packing your suitcase this moment, let me say just one thing. Moving to Brooklyn will change your life. And that is a fact. I can still remember the day I put my foot on the street of the capital of the world. Even though I was moving a lot in the past, that exact moment was the start of my greatest adventure.

But enough with me. Now it’ll be all about you. And Brooklyn of course. Pour some coffee, sit comfortably, and let me be your pilot on this flight. Pay attention below, as you will be able to see some of the best reasons for moving to Brooklyn.

Endless Career Opportunities

Two person in formal attire doing shake hands

Brooklyn has a lot of business opportunities

If you are relocating to Brooklyn as a result of a business transfer, you can skip this part. But if you are having a fresh start, I have absolutely great news for you. During past few years, many companies from Manhattan moved their business and offices to Brooklyn. Why you ask. Well, due to the Manhattan’s humongous prices on the real estate market and living costs, Brooklyn was an obvious choice. Not to mention high-level competition that is simply killing small businesses and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, local businesses are blooming in the Brooklyn. On every corner, you will find a pub, wine shop, small cozy bookstore or design studio. What is so special about them is that service is so perfect that you will never even think about going to the fancy shopping mall or be wasting time on those never-ending cashier lines in the supermarkets.

If you are about to start your own business, ask for an advice from the owners of local businesses. You’ll find out that in no time you will have every possible information you need in regard to successfully starting your own entrepreneur adventure. And one more tip – #shoplocal is something that Brooklynites are crazy about. Alternatively, if you are not an entrepreneur by nature do, you should have no problem in finding your dream job in Brooklyn.

Uncommon Local Culture

As I mentioned earlier, this borough of NYC is very popular among the young population. But not all of them are moving to Brooklyn just for work. There are many reasons why it is listed as one of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials. But, unique local culture must come at the first place. Unlike Manhattan’s world-renowned museums and high-class theaters, Brooklyn lifestyle is much more people oriented. This side of the East River is considered to be hipster mecca, and that’s for a good reason. Poetry readings, music venues, small theatres, and galleries are the main points of relaxation for people from all around NYC. These events and places are much more affordable than the ones in Manhattan or Queens, thus the visitors are way more relaxed and the good time is granted. Here are some proposals for you:

  • Brooklyn Museum – after moving to Brooklyn, make sure this is the first place you’ll visit. It’s a center of culture for this part of NYC.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden – it’s a home to hundreds of types of vegetation, spreading on more than 50 acres.
  • BLDG 92 – a Navy museum that has exhibits from all parts of American history.
After moving to Brooklyn, you'll love street art graffiti

Every wall in Brooklyn is a piece of art

But, you do not need to spend even a cent in order to experience this atmosphere after moving to Brooklyn. Just start wandering the streets, and you will found yourself in the wonderland of graffiti murals and the smell of street food. Street art is something that Brooklyn is famous for. And it’s not just graffiti, but you’ll see street dancers, mummers, and all sort of buskers.

Plenty Ways for Relaxing After Moving to Brooklyn

Even though many people consider The Big Apple to be a concrete jungle, there are still places where you can easily relax and enjoy your free time. Brooklyn has many quality perks when it comes to this.


A bench next to the walking path in park

You will love quiet and peaceful parks in Brooklyn

Ok, I know that you are going to say now – The Central Park is not in Brooklyn. Yes, I agree. But, I can tell you that it is not the only cool park in the New York City. As a matter of fact, I don’t find The Central Park to be that awesome because is overcrowded with tourists. I personally more enjoy the quiet and peaceful green grassy fields. And Brooklyn is full of such! Marine Park, Red Hook Park, Canarsie park or Sunset Park – all of those are just lovely for a relaxing walk and the perfect ambient for reading your favorite title. Now you can see why Brooklyn is among favorite NYC neighborhoods for retirees.

But there is one place that requires special attention – Prospect Heights ParkThis park is a home to one of the best running and biking trail in the whole state of New York. But even if you are not a healthy outdoor lifestyle enthusiast, you should not skip this piece of nature. It has a swimming pool, fitness center, and the Zoo.


If you want to enjoy in view of Manhattan panorama, you should consider moving to Brooklyn. Unlike in other parts of NYC, here you’ll easily find a place with rooftop access. View from the rooftops is a thing here. Even if there was an alarm system on the rooftop, most likely someone has already deactivated it in order to enjoy the perfect night sky view. I just love to go up, take a blanket and cup of tea, and have those all-nighters looking at the Manhattan skyline.

Foodie paradise

One thing is certain – you will never stay hungry in Brooklyn. When it comes to diversity of cuisines, Brooklyn is a winner, as people from literally all parts of the world are moving to Brooklyn, and many of them are opening traditional restaurants. Whether you like pizza, steak or seafood, you will easily find what you crave for.