How have you asked yourself if the place where you live at the moment is the place where you want to stay until your grandchildren arrive? I suppose (in case that you are not multimillionaires, and by that, you may live in a different city every other day)  that it comes to your mind every now and then. If you consider that, it is very easy to figure it out that you would like to see if moving somewhere else would bring a better quality OF your life (otherways-why would you move at all?), and we are here to suggest top cities in the USA according to that. You can see a full list of top 100 cities for life in the USA, and see what cities are there. We will pick some of them and get you to know them.

There are different criteria, based on that what is the most important thing in life. We could say that there is mutual content about these that we pointed out, among others, trying to pick top cities in the USA:

  • Education- One of the most important criteria for being considered to be the best location in the USA for moving to is a chance to get a good education.
  • Job Opportunity-Top city in the USA must offer top job opportunities
  • Safety- What we were intereseted in is to be sure that we picked the cities with low crime rates
  • Nightlife – Chances to have fun at night
  • Cultural opportunities- If the city is to be considered top among others in the USA, places where you may enjoy in various cultural activities is what it has to have


It is important to mention that if the city has, for example, the lowest crime rate, that doesn’t mean that it is the top city  in the USA to live in, it only means it is the safeties in terms of a number of crimes. What we did here was that we picked the top cities for movers in the USA forthe combination of aforementioned criteria, so they could be your choice as the best place in the USA to relocate to for altogether the quality of life. There will be a serial of articles about top cities along the USA where you could possibly move to, and improve the quality of your life.

Cambridge, MassachusettsTop city in the USA based on the education

Top reasons why you should move to Cambridge:


Cambridge is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

  • Home of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology,and by that top city of the USA based on education.
  • Top employers among technology companies are here, offering top chances for employment.
  • Nightlife.
  • There are more than 15 parks here.
  • The Cambridge River Art Festival.

There is no information that would present Cambridge city better than saying that it is a home of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Those two are some of the most popular universities in the world. People from all around the world are trying to get here and acquire knowledge that would guarantee them skills wanted by so many companies around the globe. This is the reason why it is the city of many technology companies, considered top employers, attracting, even more, people to move to this city before any other in the USA.

Besides the opportunity to get a good education, and find a proper employment, on the other hand, Cambridge is also famous by the nightlife spots that it offers. To be accurate, you have 25 places that offer decent nightlife for different tastes. Combined with the chance for good education, and employment opportunity, doesn’t it sound like a reasonable decision to improve your life by putting it at the top of the list of USA cities where you should move?

For nature lovers, the thing that should be mentioned is that Cambridge has more than 15 parks on its territory, with great territories of pure nature, offering a chance to find a peace and enjoy your life.

Another considerable fact is that this is also a city with many cultural opportunities. Being home of 40-year-old The Cambridge River Art Festival, which is the event that gathers musical groups, dancers, poets and many other artists with art installations -might make you interested in moving to  this city for its culture too.

Santa Clara, CaliforniaCare and educational system are what makes it one of the top cities in the USA

Some reasons why Santa Clara should be among your picks:

 Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a city in Santa Clara County, California

  • 300 sunshine days per year- the Top city in the USA for you if you like sunny days!
  • Parks and historic architecture- Enjoy in nature, enjoy in the buildings
  • It is a home of 49ers- You are a sport loving person? Maybe the top reason for you!
  • Santa Clara University- If you look for education, come to one of the top cities for that in the USA
  • Technology companies- Top employers are here

Placed on the sunny bay of California, with almost all territory surrounded by water, it makes Santa Clara peace of heaven on Earth. Despite being only 45 miles away from San Francisco, the climate of Santa Clara is rather distinct from it. Especially during summer. Santa Clara summers are warm, with a lot of sunny days, opposing to the cold and foggy summers in San Francisco. That makes the position of Santa Clara even more interesting to relocate there. It is close to the big city, where the inhabitants could find the solution for most of the problems they possibly cannot in Santa Clara, and yet it is far away enough to enjoy the far better climate.

Besides weather and the climate, another reason why Santa Clara is placed on our list of top cities in the USA is that there is the great chance of getting a good education,at Santa Clara University. When you have achieved the level of knowledge, there is the even better reason to move here- some of the top technology companies> conduct their businesses here!

Now, you have located yourself, you may enjoy the nature, you graduated from one of the top universities in the USA, you have more than a decent job but still there is a need for the culture… Do not desperate! We already mentioned that we are going to present your cities with the opportunity for fulfilling your life. Santa Clara is a place of culture, too! There is Triton Museum of Art, where you can find local, regional and national art from the periods of 19th and 20th century, and also The De Saisset Museum.

This is where we end our first article on i>top cities in the USA where you could possibly consider moving to, but it is just the beginning of what is coming! Keep following us to find out what other cities might compete for the top city  when discussing where to move in the USA for you!