Top 7 places in Idaho for big families

Let us show you our top 7 places in Idaho for big families. We were very careful when choosing them so we can help you to find a perfect place in Idaho for you and your growing family. Many factors were taken into consideration. Safety was our number one priority. But, we also thought about school, job opportunities, prices, and overall quality of life. Entertainment was also a small factor. You surely want to have a place for your kids to have some fun. After serious research, we found these places that stood out from the rest. Read on to see which ones. Maybe soon enough you will become a resident here.

Top 7 places in Idaho for big familes that we chose

  1. Eagle (suburb of Boise)
  2. Cardwell
  3. Meridian (suburb of Boise)
  4. Star (town in Idaho)
  5. Dalton Gardens (suburb in Idaho)
  6. Coeur d’Alene (town in Idaho)
  7. Middleton (suburb of Boise)

This is what we found and now we will show you why we chose these places. We chose carefully because we understand that it’s not easy to find your dream home.

number 7 as a symbol of top 7 places in Idaho for big families
Take a look at our top 7 list.

Suburbs of Boise : Eagle, Meridian and Middletown

These three suburbs of Boise are perfect places in Idaho for big families. The location is ideal. You can live near the capital city and yet you will be avoiding all the stress from living in the capital. The same goes for job opportunities since there are plenty of them in Boise and you can work there and live in one of those three suburbs we listed. This can be your win-win situation. When it comes to safety – suburbs are much safer than cities. Check out the FBI’s crime rates and you will see that all three suburbs are pretty safe. Make sure to check them out while researching a perfect place in Idaho for you and your big family. In case you need movers to help you relocate you can always call to help you out.

Cardwell – maybe the best choice for big families

Caldwell is one of the best places in Idaho for big families. It’s a city in and the county seat of Canyon County. You should know that Cardwell is one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA. Even though its fast-growing city crime rates are just as low as in suburban areas which is great for you and your family. Housing and overall prices are pretty affordable still. We are saying still since this is a very high-in-demand city now and in 10 years prices of real estate will be much higher. This can be a good investment for you. If you are a fan of natural beauty you should know that this town is known for its hot springs you can enjoy on your days off work. If you feel like this place can be your new home Caldwell-based experts can help you out when it comes to moving and settling in. So, don’t hesitate to call them.

A big family
This can be a perfect place for your big family.

Coeur d’Alene

This is not just another city in Idaho. This place is great for both families but also an amazing place for you to go on a vacation. There are so many attractions like lake cruises for example. Or you can visit Silverwood Theme Park – the kids will love it. So even if you don’t plan to relocate here, you should visit this great city. Hopefully, you will have enough time to prepare everything for your journey or relocation. Yet, even if packing in a hurry is inevitable, having the right allies by your side will certainly solve all the problems.

Star – one of the best places in Idaho for families

Star is a town in Idaho. There are not many residents there – about 6000 people live there but mostly families. This place is perfect for young professionals that work online. They can get an amazing home for a very reasonable price and they don’t have to commute so, they can simply enjoy their great house and maybe even a nice backyard. This place is beautiful and also very peaceful. It can also be a nice place for seniors after they retire. Research this place a bit and after you find it to be the best choice for you and your family look for assistance in the neighborhood. Friendly local movers will gladly help you out with settling in.

Dalton Gardens

This is both a city and a suburb. You see, Dalton Gardens is a city in Kootenai County. It is also considered to be a suburb of Coeur d’Alene and borders the city both north and east. To see the current prices and what is available (we are talking about houses and apartments of course) make sure to check out and Zillow. This can really be a nice place for you and your family since it is safe, there are plenty of things to see and do, and most importantly it’s safe and affordable.

A woman with 5 kids
Suburbs are great for the kids

Choosing a place to live in Idaho

Research is easy. All you need to do is type your keywords like best places in Idaho and Google will show you everything. But choosing between the places we have just shown you and some you will find you on your own will be very hard. There are so many great places in Idaho. All of them will be great for you and your family. The best way to decide between them is to include the whole family in the decision. Listen to what everyone has to say, even the kids. Ok, maybe not toddlers but teenagers should have some say in this too. Make them feel included by listening to what they have to say. They can do research with you, or help you find a realtor when the time for house hunting starts.