Top 7 greenest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Today we will show you the 7 greenest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. You may score just about every aspect of city life here (babies, bars, restaurants, livability, trash collection, violence, noise complaints, “hipster heat”), and someone has mapped it and/or ranked it. If you’re going to pay a ridiculous sum for a negligible piece of Brooklyn’s real estate market, you might as well look at it through every lens. That, or you’ll always have another excuse to make subtle comparisons to your coworkers, neighbors, and friends.

Green is hip

So! Trees are the standard today. And that’s a good indicator of the quality of life, we would say.  You can’t go wrong in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, or anywhere near one of the city’s big parks like Prospect or Borough Park. Not only does Bed Stuy look great, but so do Bay Ridge and Crown Heights. The neighborhoods of Bushwick and Flatbush are not as depressing as they used to be. Williamsburg and especially the immediate vicinity of McCarren and McGolrick Parks can be great.

  • Park Slope
  • Carroll Gardens
  • Boerum Hill
  • Borough Park
  • Bushwick
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Williamsburg

These are not only the greenest neighborhoods in Brooklyn but also the best (and some of them are the most affordable ones).

A young girl sitting on a bench near a pond in one of the greenest  neighborhoods in Brooklyn
Having a few parks nearby can improve the quality of life.

Park Slope

We decided to go with the most secure option first. This is the best option for big families. When it comes to Brooklyn neighborhoods, Park Slope is the most secure place to live. A low crime rate and attractive streets lined with famousĀ historic rowhouses and brownstones make this neighborhood a desirable area to live in New York City. This amazing area is home to almost forty thousand people. Only the high cost of living here is a drawback.

Carroll Gardens

The neighborhood is well-known for its historic streets lined with brownstones and abundant greenery, as well as for its excellent eateries that have been around for decades. As a result of the property market boom in Brownstone during the past 25 years, Carroll Gardens no longer has a large Italian population. Instead, it reflects the influx of young professionals and the upper middle class. If you are in need of advice when choosing the right neighborhood and moving there, you might want to give Movers Not Shakers NYC a call.

Boerum Hill

Towards the northwest corner of Brooklyn, in an area known as Boerum Hill. That’s where you’ll find a collection of quiet and secure residential streets. About 12,000 people call this very small area home. The neighborhood is well-liked by families due to the feeling of security and familiarity it provides. It’s good that folks who live here have more access to open space and greenery than the average New Yorker. Also, this neighborhood is more affordable than the ones we mentioned before.

Borough Park

The area is peaceful and pleasant. This is a perfect neighborhood for the ones who are looking to live near some greenery and for singles as well. The atmosphere is pleasant and the people are friendly. Space in Borough Park is inexpensive, at around $200-$300 per square foot, compared to the average of over $850 per square foot in neighboring Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Even for southern Brooklyn, this is very out of the ordinary so make sure to check out this neighborhood.

A picnic on a sunny day
Soon enough weather will be ideal for picnics.


The majority of Bushwick’s population are renters who enjoy the neighborhood’s urban atmosphere. Worry not, besides concrete you can still find plenty of greenery in the area. Bars, restaurants, cafes, and parks abound in Bushwick. This is also a great place for pet owners.  Bushwick is home to a diverse population that includes liberal families and young professionals. Bushwick’s public schools are better than average. Bushwick has become shorthand for things like trendy new music and cuisine, avant-garde art, and the latest in fashion. The best nightlife in the borough is located in repurposed warehouses, which have been transformed into art galleries and music venues. Are you packing your bags yet?

Windsor Terrace

This is our favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn and it’s a perfect one for outdoorsy people. Windsor Terrace is a great place to call home if you’re looking for a charming placeĀ in Kings County. Most people in Windsor Terrace rent their homes, contributing to the neighborhood’s urban vibe. A wide variety of entertainment options, including parks, cafes, and bars, can be found here. If you decide that this is the right place, you can call Windsor Terrace-based specialists to help you out.


Last, but not least! Prior to the 1950s, Williamsburg was home to many immigrants and creative types. Now largely gentrified thanks to Manhattan overflow, it remains a cultural powerhouse in the fields of fashion, music, art, cuisine, and nightlife. Williamsburg is another well-known and well-loved area of Brooklyn. The hipster subculture, eclectic nightlife, and thriving modern art scene have made this area famous. This might not the safest part of Brooklyn, but you can be assured that you and your family are safe here. Violet crimes are not common in this area.

Brooklyn at sunset.
Brooklyn is especially pretty in the spring.

Do you like the neighborhoods in Brooklyn we just showed you?

Some of the best and greenest neighborhoods in Brooklyn are listed here. Some of them are affordable (for NYC) and some are really not. But we will leave finances to you. We just wanted to show you some nice places where you can enjoy the urban life that you chose and yet still have some greenery around and maybe even neighbors that care about recycling. Surely you will know what is best for you once the decision time comes. We just started the research for you and now you can continue on your own. Good luck!