Tips and tricks for moving away for college

First and foremost, let us congratulate you on finishing high school! That is, after all, a great feat in itself. However, there is even a greater thing to take on just around the corner. The first part of going to college is, after all, moving away from your parents’ home. So, today, we won’t be focusing on choosing the perfect college and major, as you’ve likely done so already yourself. Instead we will be talking about some of the useful tips and tricks for moving away for university. Well, let us begin with:

The most essential tips and tricks for moving away for college are in organization

We get it. As soon as you start your packing you will be stuffing one too many unnecessary items into your bags. And, when you actually get there, you will realize that you’ve forgotten some of the most essential things in the hectic couple of days before your move. So, in order to avoid all of this trouble, we’re going to give you a short tips and tricks for relocating away from home list.

  • Do your research regarding moving away for college

If you’ve done a tour around your campus, we hope that you’ve checked out the dorms, as well. If you’re planning on doing this tour soon, be sure to check out the dorms! But, when you’re thinking of the tiny size of the room and how in the world it can fit three beds, take notice of some more things. A great tip for moving away for college is knowing what appliances and commodities are already in the dorms or your future accommodation. If you want to be extra sure, ask an upperclassman to show you where these things are!

  • Before moving away for college, be sure to check out the surroundings of your dorm

During the campus tour we talked about earlier, you should also take note of this. Where is your dorm? How far away from your classroom is it? Will you need a car? Or, will you be fine walking? Perhaps taking your bike with you? All of these questions will make relocating away for college easier. Also, if you are allergic to anything, be sure to take note of the local flora and fauna! On the side note, a good tip for later fun is to check out if there are any nice looking spots outside for studying or hanging out with your future peers. After all, college isn’t all about studies!

  • Be sure to plan your transportation ahead of moving away for college

Now, this might be a tip which a lot of people overlook. If you are eager to get to your new dorm and are in the stages of planning what you will need to bring with, you might forget the method of transportation. Luckily, we’re here to remind you about this step of moving away for college. So, you have a couple of options here, really. Will you be using a personal car? Yours? Your parents’? Will a friend or a neighbor be driving you? Or, will you be renting the transportation? A great tip for relocating away to college is also to take note of the available space of the vehicle. Don’t pack too many things!

  • When moving away for college consider the future, as well

Even if you might be just moving in to your dorm now, we’d advise you to consider this tip, as well. A great trick which will prevent you from overpacking is thinking of the end of your studies. After all, you won’t be staying at the dorm indefinitely. So, think of the next couple of years and what you will be needed during them and don’t pack too much!

  • Another trick you should know when relocating away for college is that your roommates are your mates

A great thing would be getting in touch with your future roomies before you leave for college. Why? Well, besides getting to know them better, this will help you with your packing! A great tip for moving away for college is knowing what your future roommates are planning to pack. This way, you will be able to prevent duplicate packing.

  • A good tip for moving away for university is knowing that there are communal kitchens and showers

While this may be troublesome to come to terms with, it’s time that you try and do so. After all, most college dorms will only have communal areas for cooking and showering. So, we have a great tip for moving away for college for you. The trick is to lessen your packing by only taking what’s necessary for self-support. Another tip regarding this, especially in the kitchen arrangement, is to talk to your roommates in order to avoid duplicating items. After all, you don’t need two coffee makers, do you?

  • It is an essential tip that you complete all the paperwork before moving away for college

While it might seem like you’ve already finished and filed all of the necessary documents, there’s always one more paper left. So, another great trick for moving away for college is making sure that you finish and file all the forms. Check if you have any extra housing documentation to fill out. Another thing which a lot of eager students forget is choosing a meal plan. Be sure to fill out and file those before moving away for university!

  • And our final tip for moving away for university is reminding you to relax!

Going away for college is always a stressful thing, but, it shouldn’t be the worst memory of your life! So, be sure to take some time for a goodbye party or a small get-together with your friends. There, relive your fondest memories at home before getting ready for moving away for college. And when you do relocate to your university, it’s time for another adventure and even more amazing memories with your new friends.

We wish you the best of luck in moving away for college and studying for your dream job!