Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Moving During the Winter

While winter can be a great time to move (it is easier and cheaper to hire movers or rent a moving company), you can face many issues while moving in this part of the year. It is best to be aware of the hazards that may occur when you’re moving during the winter and to tame them before they start bothering you. So here are some tips, tricks and strategies you need to know before you start moving during the winter.

You should prepare your old home for winter moving…

Start shoveling

shovel and rack

Shoveling can when it’s time for the movers to arrive.

Clear snow around and in front of your old home, so when the time comes, you’ll be ready to easily move. Also, shovel your parking. You will help your chosen movers, and they will be grateful. Physical activity is good for you! So you see, you can stay healthy while moving in the winter. So grab your shovel and start plowing that snow.

Protect your interior

Moving in winter can be harsh for you and your home. Use cardboard or plastic sheeting to ensure protection from snow, water and sand. Check in a corner if your floors can withstand heavy duty tape, then tape plastic sheets to them. For carpeted areas use cardboard. Don’t be afraid to experiment with protection materials.

Protect your valuable things


modern sculpture, broken cube

If you don’t protect your art, it may end up looking like this. Not bad!

Do you have valuable items you need to move during the winter to your new home? Things like heavy works of art or furniture? You’ll probably need to use a self storage facility for your valuable items. You wouldn’t want that Ming China vase to be broken into pieces. And no, glue won’t fix it.

Keep an eye on weather and plan your move

While that might seem obvious, many people tend to forget this part of moving in the coldest days of the year. Check the weather conditions well in advance, and follow them closely. If there is a possibility of weather inclement, keep the radio on during the move to ensure that you are receiving the latest updates. But not all is in the heavens. Sometimes people are the ones who can make your moving a nightmare, and you should look your calendar up for appropriate dates.

… and also for your new one

Don’t stop shoveling

Snowman with a shovel, winter moving

Make your new buddy for a new home.

You should make sure that sidewalks and walks are clear in front of your new place. If you can, it might be a good idea to visit your new place the day before, so you can be sure that the walkways are clear. You can apply salt or sand to the area if needed.

Make sure that your utilities are set-up

You need to make sure that you have two basic ingredients for survival. Heat and electricity. All jokes aside, it’s not a joking matter. Turn on the hydro and the heat  couple of days before you arrive to your new home to ensure that everything is working properly.

Also be prepared for a storm when moving during the winter

In case of a storm you should always be prepared. Make sure that you have a backup plan if you need to reschedule your moving for another day. If you have hired movers, talk to the moving company to see what their policy is in terms of winter conditions. And don’t forget to get your car serviced, and have an emergency contact list with you with the people you trust.