Tips on moving to Canada from the USA

Most of us have thought about moving to another country at least few times in our lifetime.Sometimes, due to the better education or career opportunities, or mostly out of the need for change.Even just thinking about the fresh start and leaving all of our worries behind is an exciting idea. But actually packing your bags and boxes takes a lot of courage, commitment, and planning.If you are considering moving to Canada from the USA there are few rules and tips that might help you take the leap of faith and move!

Moving to Canada from the USA

Moving to Canada from the USA – plan ahead and avoid a stressful relocation!

Top reasons for moving to the land of maple syrup:

Great healthcare.

When moving to Canada from the USA this is usually the first upside you get surprised by.

All of the Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the right to free basic healthcare.

Canadian educational system.

Some of the World’s best universities are located in Canada! Due to the much lower tuition fees, compared to the ones in the US, there are many international students in Canada.

Average tuition fee for Canadians is C$6,571, while foreign students get to pay around C$25,170 per year. Mind that the average statistics don’t give the clearest image. Therefore, you should know that there are many affordable undergraduate programs with tuitions no higher than C$15,000.

The people and society.

It seems like that, by default, Canadian are kind and welcoming! First of all, you should know that Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the World. There more than 140 languages spoken in Canada and origins of its citizens can be found all around the World.

the land of ice hockey

Canada, the land of kindness and sports!

Conflicts are not something Canadians are keen on, and you will most likely get to hear them apologize for no reason. Canadians love outdoors and as long as you don’t insult hockey, you’re good!

Hate crimes and racial abuse are not acceptable in Canada. Also, gender equality, as well as the gay rights, are a big part of Canadian culture.

A Strong economy and career opportunities.

Canada has one of the best and strongest economies in the World. You will find many great career opportunities and internships to help your professional growth.


The land of ice hockey and maple syrup is ranked as one the safest countries in the World, with the extremely low crime rates.

Important things you should know before moving to Canada from the USA

When moving to another country there are always few important things you need to have in mind. Most importantly, have you checked what types of visas you are eligible for?

Newcomers are always welcome in Canada! Especially if they want to contribute by moving their company or apply for a job as a skilled professional.


Canada visa requirments

Become the citizen of one of the safest countries in the World

If you are moving to Canada from the USA and looking for Permanent Residency there few types of visas you can apply for :

  • Applying to Permanent Residency when coming to work in Canada: The best path to being eligible for permanent residency in Canada is to apply for either Skilled Worker Category or the Business Category immigration. If you are moving your business to Canada and applying to Business Category immigration, there are 3 programs of visas to choose from.
  • Canadian Family Class Sponsorships. When moving to Canada with your family, you also need to keep in mind that your spouses and children may need different types of visas.
  • Provincial Nomination. You can choose any Canadian province, besides Quebec, and apply for this quick-track visa program.
  • Quebec-Selected Immigration. This program refers only to the lucky ones who have worked or studied in this province.

Canadian citizenship:

In order to become a realCanadian, you need to stay in Canada for 4 years in total.

In conclusion, this means that you must spend a least 1,460 days there, in a 6 years period before applying for citizenship.

Relocation process when moving to Canada from the USA

When it comes to packing time, the things can get wild. First of all, you will need a detailed plan for your move and a positive attitude. Courage and commitment to your moving process can quickly turn into a personal hell if you don’t stick to your plan.

make moving checklists

Plan your relocation!

When planning your move make a personal version of the checklist below:

  • Find a place to stay and move before the deadline!

If you are moving from a big city to a small town you will maybe need some time to adjust.

So if you are still looking for an apartment to rent or the perfect house to buy, take your time!

Find a temporary housing solution and get the chance to explore your new home city and neighborhoods.Moving a week, or two, before you planned to, should give you enough time to adjust.

In addition to this, make sure you find a safe storage place for your belongings.

Plan your packing!

It could be possible that you won’t need all of your possessions in the few first months.

Have a friend keep an eye on the stuff you don’t need or donate to the charity. Having a packing plan and a checklist will make you avoid the relocation stress.

Also, if you have any hazardous materials you need to dispose of, make sure you do it right and in time.

Pick a good moving company!

There are many companies to choose from and the research can get overwhelming.

Take your time finding the best movers and follow the list of 10 most important things when choosing a reliable mover.

Throw a going-away party!

Finally, your bags are packed, your mind is already in Canada, the only thing left is to celebrate!

There is a good chance you won’t get to see your friends in the next few months so it would be a great idea to say goodbye, with some noise and fun. Celebrate your fresh start!

going away party