Tips for moving while pregnant

Pregnancy can be the most beautiful period in your life. If you are in the situation when you have to move do not worry. Here are some tips for moving while pregnant.

Visit your doctor

First, you need to go to your doctor and make sure that you are in a condition for a moving day. This is very important because moving can be stressful and you have to make sure that everything is all right with your pregnancy. It is actually the same as if you want to go on a trip or a vacation; for sure, you would do a checkup first.


Moving while pregnant requires a doctor's permission.

Make sure that you have doctor’s permission before you start to move.

Get advice on how to do moving while pregnant as stress-free as possible. Also, be sure to check with your doctor if it is safe and until what week you can relocate.  If you are past seven or eight months pregnant, think about moving and is it necessary. Try to manage stress and stay healthy during moving.

Start to plan on time

This is very important no matter if you are pregnant or not. Moving while pregnant is stress, for both you and probably other family members as well. Have in mind that they are worried about your health and move at the same time. So, make sure that you have everything planned as detailed as it can be. This is the sure way to relieve yourself and your family from stress, as much as possible.

Hiring a reliable moving company is a smart and safe option if you are moving while pregnant. Actually, this is very important because besides planning and packing there is a lot of heavy lifting involved. If you hire movers, you won’t be tempted to do any lifting by yourself.

Get help

Very important tip for pregnant woman – do not try to see if you can do it by yourself. Get as much helping hands as you might need. This goes for movers, friends, and family as well. Do not hesitate to ask them to do something even if it seems that you could do it by yourself.

When you are far along pregnant, you will have an actual reminder of your condition.

Support sign on wooden cubes

Get more help and support than usual, from friends and family

However, it is very important for early pregnancy not to overload yourself. You have to be extra careful.

Make yourself comfortable

When you are moving while pregnant, you have to organize everything according to your needs and possibilities. Have in mind that you are in a delicate condition so you have to be extra careful.

If you are packing by yourself then do it as early as possible. Start with baby steps. If you start to pack early, you will have enough time to do it slowly and gradually. This way you will avoid exhausting yourself. Moving while you are pregnant also means that you have a little bit of limited movement or access to some narrow spaces. There are actually some home packing tips that might be helpful to you, especially when you are moving while pregnant. Because of all this, you need extra time for packing and unpacking and you have to be aware of that all the time. Do as much work as you are comfortable with when you feel that you are tired make a break.

Prepare essentials for moving while pregnant

One of the most important things, when you are moving while pregnant, is to be well prepared all the time. Therefore, you have to stay hydrated and you need to have some snacks with you so it is easier and less stressful.

When your moving day comes, you have to pack one bag or suitcase that will be with you during the move. There you can put everything you might need during the move. This means spare clothes, in case you get wet or need to change for any other reason. Also, make sure that you have your medication or vitamins if you are taking some. It is great if you can check the weather forecast day before, so you can dress accordingly.

You moving day essential kit has to include a couple of things for your first day or night in your new home. You will be surely tired when you unload everything in your new place, so bring some sheets and pillows, blankets. This way you can rest, without the trouble of unpacking your belongings. It is important when you are moving while pregnant, to take every chance for a break and to get rest as much as you can.

Do not panic

As soon as your moving day comes, you will immediately think about organizing your new home. Do not panic and don’t hurry. You will have enough time to do everything. When you are moving while pregnant, you have to take one step at the time and do everything slowly and most importantly, careful.


Pregnant woman organizing baby clothes

If you have to move while pregnant, use this opportunity to declutter before your baby comes.

Be extra careful if your house has stairs or steps. This is especially a need for pregnant women that are at the last trimester. You probably move slowly anyway, but make sure that you are holding for something when you are going up and down the stairs, just in case.

If you have a chance to avoid moving day completely, then do it. Leave your movers and your partner all the hard work and stress. Do all the organizing and planning and then, when a moving day comes, exclude yourself as much as you can. Try to bend and lift as little as it is possible. Your moving company will have understanding for you, which is for sure. The only thing that is important is to convince yourself that everything can be done without you, the same way, as it would be if you were helping. If you can’t go anywhere then you can help them with the clear instructions of what you want them to do or move.