Tips for preparing kids’ clothes for storage

If you’re a parent of one or more kids, you probably want to keep their childhood clothes and items. But, sometimes in life events such as moving and changing you end up without having enough room to store them. So, your best option is to rent a storage unit. Now let’s see what are the tips for preparing kids’ clothes for storage you can use. This isn’t as hard as you may think. You’ll need a little bit of time, packing supplies and clothes. So, if you want to ensure your kids’ clothes won’t get damaged in the storage unit, you can use these tips. So, start finding local storage and use these tips for preparing your children’s clothes for storing. 

Wash your kids’ clothes

The first step in preparing kids’ clothes for storage is cleaning them properly. That means you can either run them through the washing machine or dry clean them depending on the item you’re storing. But, don’t iron them before storing them since you’ll have to iron them again once you retrieve clothes from storage.


Washing Machine Laundry - Preparing kids' clothes for storage
Start preparing kids’ clothing for storage by washing them.

Preparing kids’ clothes for storage – Declutter

Almost everyone has clothes that they don’t wear anymore, especially kids since they are growing. So, you should consider donating some of their clothes if they are in good condition. Many places would appreciate any kind of help. You can check out these places to donate lightly used children’s clothing. And, while you’re decluttering, you can also give some kids’ furniture in good condition to a shelter. You’ll get rid of those unnecessary items and someone will have the chance to use them.

Make an inventory list

Now when you know what you’ll be storing, it’s time to make an inventory list. Creating such a list will stop you from frustration further down the line when you’re not sure what’s stored and what’s not. Also, making an inventory list can save you money as well. For example, you’re storing baby clothes for like two years and now the next little one comes along and you begin to buy new things. But, what if you already have them in your storage? Well, don’t fear because you have that inventory list of what you were storing and where.

Avoid using vacuum storage bags

To protect your kids’ clothes when storing, you need to pick good storage boxes, bags, and packing materials. But, you also need to know how to rent a perfect storage unit. The best solution for packing kid’s clothes for storage is plastic storage boxes. Yes, vacuum storage bags are a great invention because they save a huge amount of space. But, keeping natural fibers clothes in a plastic bag can damage them and make them lose shape. Vacuum bags are a good option for a few weeks, but if you plan to leave clothes in storage for a few months, use plastic storage boxes. 

Storage Unit Warehouse
When putting kids’ clothes in storage unit consider using plastic boxes.

Choose a suitable storage place

When storing kid’s clothes you must consider what storage unit provider is best for your specific needs. When it comes to clothes, you should find clean, cool, dark, and dry storage space. Also, other things to consider when preparing kids’ clothes for storage are accessibility and security of the unit. And for storing kids’ clothes, there is no better option out there than renting a storage unit.