Tips for moving with kids – making it easier

Moving can be stressful, especially if you have a family with one or more little angels. When you decide to relocate and change your place of residence it will put a lot of pressure on the youngest members of your family. Kids easily get used to the safety and comfort of their family home, so changing all of that all at once doesn’t come easy. They also get used to their school and friends and they easily bond to the people in their environment. When you move and change your surroundings they need some time and help to adapt. You can try and make the moving with kids process as fun as possible for them, and try getting them involved, by giving them some fun tasks.

a kid feeling lost

Don’t let your kids feel lost when moving

Let them participate in packing and moving

Kids react well to fun activities and games. You can use this and organize some creative activities related to packing and moving for them. This will keep them busy and happy.They will feel helpful and motivated. So here are some of the activities you can try :

Let you kids pack their favorite thing and toys by themselves. You can find some colorful boxes and have them write and decorate labels by themselves. This little art project is going to make packing easier for you and help your kids have fun and feel involved in the whole moving process

– It is a good idea to show them pictures of their new room and let them draw the arrangement of furniture. In this case the new house is going to become something more personal and familiar and they will feel more relaxed about moving

Kids love gadgets and fun projects so how about making a movie about your moving. You can give your child a camera and they can record the whole moving process, or the things they find most interesting. Kids will feel ecstatic and entertained and you will have a great family memory

Kids learn about the world through children’s books and stories. This content is something they can understand and relate to. So a good idea would be to read books about moving to your kids. They might relate to the characters and events and accept what is going on more easily

a kid drawing

Let your kid get creative

Avoid making these common mistakes when moving with kids

There are some common mistakes parents make when they try to prepare their kids for the move. If you want to have a smooth move try avoiding them

Always tell your kids you are going to move in advance. Don’t wait until the last moment. The news might come as a shock to them and you will have a disappointed, sad kid on your hands.

– Your kids should always know where they are moving to. Before the moving day you should take them to the new house and show them around, show them their room and let them choose what their favorite room in the house is

Let them say goodbye and make the house child-proof

Give them enough time to say goodbye to their friends. You could make a fun project with the kids. Making a pen pal bag is fun and creative. You put envelopes, stamps and some pens in a bag and let you kid distribute it to his or her friends. This way the little friends can stay in touch in a creative way. Or you could even organize a goodbye party with a lot of tasty food and taking a lot of photos. This way your kid will have a lot of memories.

– ‘ Safety comes first’ is a line you must have heard a million times, and in the case of moving with kids it can not be more true. During you hectic move, packing, relocating and unpacking and all of those tasks, making your new home child proof might slip your mind. What you could do is prepare your home for the kids and make everything safe and child friendly. This will keep your active and curious young ones safe. Install plug covers to avoid potential dangers, because plugs are the things that could draw your child’s attention in an empty house, and we don’t want that to end badly,do we.

Your kid probably has too many toys. It’s a trap all parents fall into sooner or later.  A move is the right time to get rid of all of those old and unnecessary toys and items your kids own. Donate them to charity and help the needy kids out there. Be careful about certain toys and objects that have a sentimental value for your kids, like that one eyed beloved bunny or that slightly torn blue blanket they adore.

a happy smiling kid

A safe kid is a happy kid

Help them adjust to the new environment

After moving with kids when you settle in, they are going to be in a new and unknown environment. They will need some time and your help to get used to everything. Once they get to the new house, their room should be ready. Some family photos should probably be somewhere around the house to make the feel comfortable. Here are some steps you can take to help them adjust to the new environment :

Go on a family walk around the new neighborhood. Show them around and take them to the nearest playground. The more fun activities they experience, the faster they will start loving their new surroundings.

–  So now you  should cook meals, especially that first lunch or dinner in the new kitchen. It will be  full of boxes and cooking will be the last think on your mind.  You can go to a family restaurant. Let your kids order their favorite meals there. Don’t forget dessert, because it will make this transition sweeter.

a kid enjoying a meal

Enjoy a nice meal in a family restaurant

These tips and tricks are here to make moving with kids easy and fun for you and your kids. Involve your kids in the packing and moving process, give them fun tasks and  familiarize them with their new environment. And don’t forget to shower them with hugs, love and understanding and you should be fine.