Tips for moving into a smaller apartment

Moving can be a challenge by itself. But, if you’re downsizing, it might seem like an even bigger challenge. Especially if you’re moving from a bigger house to a small city apartment. In big cities, it’s not so easy to find an apartment of larger size in a great location, that’s within most people’s budget. Luckily, here you can find tips for moving into a smaller apartment. After this, you might find that small spaces are actually a good thing. Definitely, there are benefits to small spaces, and here’s how you can get the best of them.

Tips for moving into a smaller apartment

small wooden house

Hey, luckily it’s not this small, there’s still hope

Living in your older home, you had a certain way of thinking and behavior that worked to your benefit. Also, there’s a lot of useful information to find when moving to a new house. But, when you’re moving into a smaller apartment, there are certain differences. Try to acknowledge them and act accordingly.

  • Adjust your mindset – instead of thinking about the disadvantages, try to find the good sides of moving into a smaller apartment. Declutter and reorganize – use this as an opportunity to get rid of the belongings that you no longer need.
  • Change your old habits – allow yourself to adopt new habits that would serve your new life in a smaller apartment.

Hire reliable movers

The same as when you’re moving to a big house, a reliable moving company, like Authority Moving Group will make the process easier and smoother for you. You won’t have to think of doing everything by yourself, now that you have professionals by your side.

Storage services

If you have big pieces of furniture and you don’t know what to do with them, storage services might just be what you need. That way, your items can be stored safely, until you find a new use for them. Also, most storage owners will give you a better deal if it’s long-term storage. There are various storage oprions to choose from, so find the one that suits you the best.

Meet the beauty of multipurpose items

There are alternatives to a regular dining table

When moving into a smaller apartment, you should begin to recognize that some items can be used for at least two purposes. Depending on your needs, some furniture can actually have more than one function. If you use your imagination, you can even have some pieces of furniture made for you.

  • Your bed can at least have an underneath storage. Even better, consider the option of a retractable bed.
  • Folding kitchen tables would help you save some space. If you’re living by yourself, they can be very useful. In that case, you should find a place in one of the best US cities for singles.
  • Why have nightstands when you can install lamps on the wall and even attach a small shelf. Try attaching the shelf of a brighter color, similar to the wall. That way, it won’t take up a lot of space visually.
  • If your coffee table doesn’t have shelving, you can use decorative baskets. They are useful for storing a lot of smaller items, and you can even put something on top of them.

Decluttering is a must

Decluttering your home is useful, especially when you’re moving. But, when you’re moving into a smaller apartment, it’s not only useful, it’s mandatory. You’re going to be short on space, so there’s no need to bring with you the items that you no longer need. Also, you don’t need to sort through all of your stuff all at once. Instead, half an hour for a couple of days might be just enough. But, don’t forget to go through your drawers. Everybody has that one drawer with junk. And it probably is junk, since you can’t remember the last time you needed something out of it. Finally, going through the process, you can sell, donate or recycle the items that you no longer need.

Get more organized

Smaller spaces usually demand more organization. The reason is that they seem cluttered when only few things are out of place. Drawers, bins or even boxes, or a nice closet with a lot of shelves are all great solutions. The best way is to find a place for almost every item that you have. The more organized you are, the more space you will have in your new apartment. The limit is only your own creativity.

Make your apartment visually bigger

Bright colors and mirrors make a room seem more spacious

It’s not only about square feet. A lot of the feeling of being comfortable in some space comes from the visual aspect. Luckily, it’s something that you can use to your favor. For example, brighter colors will make your place seem bigger. Also, you can use mirrors, but try to use them just the right way. Not only can they give an illusion of extra space, but they can also reflect light. And, having more light in your apartment is one of the main tricks to making it look more spacious.

Don’t forget to enjoy

It’s good to understand that you need to settle down after the move as well. It’s also a process that takes some time.  Somehow in the process, people tend to forget to really enjoy their new apartment and continue living their lives. It’s good to give yourself a small, affordable gift. Think of an activity that you really enjoy doing in your apartment and do it for a couple of days here. You won’t regret it.

Make the mind work for you

There are things to do, that can make your moving into a smaller apartment easier. But, you can also benefit a lot from making your mind work for you. Instead of thinking that it’s an inconvenience to move into a smaller space, try finding the positive side. It’s going to be much easier to clean it. Also, your location is probably much better. Finally, if you transfer that philosophy on other aspects of your life, you will find more than one reason to be happy and grateful. About your move, and your new life as well.