Tips for moving in retirement

Moving is probably not unfamiliar to you. But, now you are older and you stopped working, so relocation may be an option. Moving in retirement is a common decision for many seniors. House is too big, kids are moved-out, and you finally have time to enjoy and so things you always wanted.

Are you ready to move for retirement?

What question to ask yourself before you make the final decision – to move or to stay in a family home?

  • How will you fill your days as a retiree, do you have hobbies? When not working, days are passing slowly and you should be active and do something interesting.
  • Where you will move, will it be difficult to visit your kids and grandkids? Florida is one of the best states for retirees, you can move to Florida on a budget, but where your family lives? Is it too far away?
  • When moving in retirement, will you buy or rent a home, and what will you do with your current home? To sell it or to rent it?
  • Make sure to pick a place with easy access to medical facilities.
  • What makes you happy and what lifestyle you want in retirement? Do you want to travel, do you love loud cities or a quiet place near the beach?
  • Will you live alone or you have a spouse? If you will live alone, you should hire someone to take care of the house and you.
  • What are your finances and can you afford relocation at this point?
A man painting.

Find new hobbies after moving in retirement, otherwise, you will be bored

What to consider before moving in retirement?

If you decided to move and start a new life after all those years working and building a career, you should be prepared. Follow these steps it is something like following a senior moving checklist:

  • Create a moving budget and make sure it is reasonable.  Calculate moving costs, utilities, mortgage payments, transportation costs, etc.
  • After choosing a place where to move when retire, hire a moving company. You don’t have to pack all the moving boxes alone, it is too dangerous. Having assistance when moving as a senior is a must.
  • You don’t have to live in a big house as you were before. But where to put all the items you collected for decades? Rent perfect storage and clear all the clutter you don’t need.
  • After moving, join some club and meet other people. It is important to stay active and to socialize. If you are retired, it does not mean you should just sit at your home reading newspapers.
Seniors sitting in the park after moving in retirement.

Now it is time for you to relax from work and do things you always wanted to do

Many people dreaming about moving in retirement and enjoying on the beach, drinking cocktails. Now it is time for that – golden years are finally here so make the most of it. Organize your move, ask your kids for help, and relax. It should be your only job right now.