Tips for moving a large dining room table

When moving, you’ll want to take care of your furniture. Even more so if it’s furniture from a presentable room, like a dining room. After all, this is the place where your guests sit and the room in the house that might be the most luxurious. So, you’ll definitely want to take care of those fine curtains and expensive chandeliers during your relocation. But, what would a dining room be, without a large table? So, here are some tips for moving a large dining room table. Now, it’s going to be much easier to make this piece of furniture a part of your new home.

Do you really need to move your large dining room table?

This is the first question that you should answer, as it will reveal if the further steps are really necessary. What if your new apartment won’t have that big of a dining room, in the first place? So, if you and your large family are downsizing, is it really necessary to bring your large dining table to your small new apartment? You can maybe sell it, and make some money for a smaller dining table. Or if it’s really important to you, you can put it in storage for a while. In that case, make sure that the temperature is optimal so that your table is safe there. And finally, you can also choose to relocate your large dining table and make it an important part of your new home.

A dining table.

Maybe you need a smaller dining table

How to approach moving a large dining room table

While moving a dining room table is not very difficult, you still need to know how to do it. Of course, the goal is to protect the delicate piece of furniture from any damage during your move. Also, you’ll need to know what supplies to get, among all the other packing supplies. With proper care, your precious dining room table will arrive safely at your new home.

Packing and moving a large dining room table

When organizing your moving day, keep in mind that you need to prepare your furniture sometime before the big day. The most important thing to do when relocating your large dining room table is to pack it properly beforehand. While this is not an overly complicated process, you should pay attention to details, to minimize the risk of damaging your precious table.

A dining table.

Be sure to protect your dining room table, as it’s an important part of your home

Preparing a dining room table

Before packing your table, you should take several photos, from different angles. First of all, this will serve you to document the condition of the table, in case you need to make a claim against your movers. Next, even if the table doesn’t get damaged, you’ll be able to use this photo to reassemble your table after the relocation.

Cleaning and protection

You should clean your dining table before relocating. If there is any dirt, or spills, or even dust, it might cause damage to the table during the process, or make the permanent stains. Of course, make sure that the table is completely dry before you pack it. Keep in mind that the trapped moisture during transportation can make the wood swell or warp, or even cause the mold to grow. And finally, you should apply some polish or was to protect the surface of the table.

Dismantling your dining table

If you dismantle your table, it’ll be much easier to pack it and move it to your new home. Also, it will reduce the chance of your table getting damaged. So, when moving a large dining room table, if you can dismantle it, you should definitely do it.


Dismantle your table if possible

  • First, take a photo of the table, so that you know how to assemble it after transportation.
  • Don’t forget to take the photo of the legs-base connection.
  • If there’s a marble or a glass top, remove it.
  • Lay a soft blanket or another material on the table and turn it upside-down, legs pointing to the ceiling
  • Remove the legs, but be careful – it depends on the type of the table and the connection. You might need to unscrew or unbolt the legs.
  • If the joints are glued, you’ll have to break the glue joint. In this case, you should be very careful and use the blade of a putty knife to break the bond. If you think that you might damage it, don’t dismantle it at all.
  • Wrap the legs in a blister pack and secure it with some duct tape.
  • Place all of the tiny hardware parts in a sealable plastic bag and don’t forget where you put it.
  • If your dining table’s got extension leaf, remove it and wrap it up using some duct tape or stretch wrap.
  • Wrapping a large dining room table

  • The goal is to protect the parts of the dining table that might get broken or chipped during the process, like corners and edges. So these are exactly the parts around which you should fold the corrugated cardboard. Then wrap up the top of the table with blankets in order to protect, but make sure it’s a thick layer of a protecting material. Even if the blankets don’t go all the way around the table-top, tape them underneath, to make sure that they don’t fall off. However, you should be very careful not to use it on the surface of the table, as it might be very hard to get it off, if not impossible.

DIY move or hiring movers

There are two options, you can go with a DIY move or you can hire movers. When moving a large dining room table by yourself, you’ll need to make sure your dining table fits the moving vehicle. And of course, you’ll have to do the packing, loading, and unloading. However, if you hire movers, you should see if they offer the packing services, or you’ll pack the table yourself. Either way, you should let them know that this table is an important piece of furniture for you. And, it goes without saying that you should only choose a good reliable company to handle your precious belongings. Hopefully, very soon, you’ll be sitting in the dining room of your new home and enjoying the beginning of your new life.