Tips for families that move often

When you hear that some families move often, you might think that every move for them comes with ease. Unfortunately, this cannot be further from the truth. Every time families move it causes them stress, anxiety, and uncertainty within all family members. Military families are families that move often, and they might best understand the strain and stress that every individual relocation causes. The good news is that they are more experienced in moving, but that is as far as conveniences go for these families. In the end, for some families moving is not optional. Therefore, the only thing that they can do is prepare their kids and themselves as best as possible for the upcoming relocation. Here are a few useful ideas on how to ease the stress and pressure of an inevitable move.

Families that move often should be familiar with these tips

Military families probably move the most often. However, there are also other professions that don’t give you a different choice. Relocating with your family is always on the menu. Some states try to help their military people. Florida offers services for families of military personnel which is great support and help. Yet, the biggest support and preparation must come within the family.

Organize and plan ahead

During every move, there is a lot that needs to be done. But, when you are moving with a large family, your preparations might be even doubled. No matter how big your family is nor how often do you move, you want to start preparing as soon as possible. When getting ready for a relocation, there is never time to spare. Families that move often are well aware of this fact. Yet, we are all sometimes inclined to procrastinate. That is why we cannot stress enough the importance of preparing in advance. There are many different options for Florida relocations, but none of them will do the trick if you start planning your move in the nick of time.

a person writing down their plan in a planner/notebook.

Planning in advance will give you sufficient time to handle issues that you might come across. As a result, your stress will be minimized.

Families that move often must communicate openly and freely

The last thing you should do is spring a move on your kids and give them no time to process the upcoming changes. Unless you are only moving with a toddler, you should have a family meeting and let your kids know what the plan is. Be prepared that their reaction might not be extremely positive. For some, it might even go south very quickly. No matter how often some families relocate, kids never truly embrace the change. So, have a family meeting and then give them time to process the news. After the dust settles and the news sinks in, you can revisit the conversation. Give your kids space to let out their emotions. Regardless of how they might be feeling, you need to be their rock.

Take care of school stuff for your kids

Parents that are a part of families that move often have this down. But let’s go over it just in case. For starters, you need to find new schools for your children. Once you do, your next step would be to transfer all needed transcripts and paperwork. When you get in touch with the people from the new school explain to them that your family is one of those families that move often. They are already aware that moving with children is difficult, so they will keep an extra eye on your kiddos. If you are a military family parent, ask them are there any other military families. Having this important thing in common will give families extra ground for bonding and mutual understanding.

Happy little girls standing above stacked books that together spell out the phrase never stop learning.

One of the biggest adjustments for kids is fitting into a new school environment. Make sure you track their behavior during this time and support them as much as possible.

Don’t exclude your kids from the process

Every time you move your children will feel like you have pulled the rug underneath them. They will be parted from everything that is familiar from them and from the things that they love. So, they will be forced to make new friends and to adjust to a new environment. As a result, they will feel like they are losing all sense of control. To balance out this situation at least a little bit, involve your kids in the relocation process. Of course, you cannot involve them in everything, but there will be a few tasks that they can participate in.

For instance, when moving into your new home let them participate in decorating the house. Especially when choosing things for their room and other rooms they spend much of their time. Make sure your kids feel like they have a voice and like their opinion truly matters.

Give your kids something to look forward to

Since you know your kids best you will know what motivates them and what they like. Try to talk to them and give them something to look forward to when talking about the upcoming move. If your son likes sports, tell him all about the sports programs that his new school will have. That just might give him a nudge that he needs to start looking at his relocation from a positive perspective.

Vanilla ice cream and berries placed on a table is pretty little bowls.

If your kids are foodies, research some places near your new home that they will love. Since most kids are very much into ice cream, we would suggest starting with an ice cream shop.

It would be best not to relocate on your own

Families that move frequently usually go through long-distance relocations. One benefit of moving regularly is knowing the entire moving process like the back of your hand. Thus, this is a nice advantage. Nevertheless, there are still things pertaining to your move that you should leave to the professionals. Large furniture items, special instruments, artwork, and other special items should be packed and transported by professionals. For some tasks during the move you just do not have the necessary tools and skills to handle. Not to mention you can easily get injured. is the perfect place to start your professional movers’ search.

Be positive and spread good energy

Parents of families that move often know that shielding their kids from moving stress is their priority during their relocation. However, never forget that parents are people too and they also need to stay sane and positive during this rough process. If you start to spiral out of control, your kids will notice, and they will start soaking in the negativity. Do your best to be positive and to share that feeling with your family.  When you feel like everything is starting to be too much for you, take a breather. Get a manicure and pedicure or just enjoy a cold beer. Moms and dads need to be taken care of during relocation as well. Happy moving!