Tips for creating a home inventory

Most people tend to neglect the need of making a home inventory. It is a tedious prospect and can be dull. But it can be of value and sorely needed from time to time. There are many reasons to do it. There are also many ways of doing it. So let’s consider some of the tips for creating a home inventory.

Why is creating a home inventory necessary?

Well, the inventory can be very helpful when you are getting ready for a move. There are whole lists of things people usually forget to pack when they move. So, why not make a home inventory to make sure that doesn’t happen. It also helps you keep track of the quantity and weight of the things you have to move. At the same time, this inventory can help you when you are insuring your home and belongings. It is a great starting point for insurance as well as a reminder when filling out an insurance claim.

A woman creating a home inventory.

Make your inventory in the traditional way to make sure your belongings are accounted for

Tips for creating a home inventory

However tedious this task maybe it can be easily done today. With all of the technology at our disposal, it can be fast, easy, and secure. Bear in mind that once completed your inventory can be effortlessly updated from time to time through your computer. So consider making a couple of copies and keeping them up to date. When making a home inventory you have two basic options:

  • Make a written inventory
  • Create a photo inventory and archive

Written inventory

This is a traditional way of inventorying your belongings. It can be more high tech if you do it over your computer but its point is the same. Make a list of all of your belongings and try to describe them in detail. Make sure you don’t leave anything out. You may be tempted to eliminate some stuff from the list but make sure you don’t. Consider the combined value of these items and think again about leaving them out.

Photo Inventory

With today’s technology, it is super easy and fast to make a photo inventory. You can even make videos. Do it by shooting room by room. Make photos from the entry door and then from inside the room. Make several photos of each room from different angles. This way you will be sure to record as many items as you can. This will be of value when you prepare for moving.

A camera on the desk.

Make a high tech photo inventory and keep it safe and updated on your PC

No precise rule

There are no precise rules on how you should do your inventory. You can start from outside, from the yard, and moves into the house. You can do it in reverse if you like. But while there are no certain rules you should keep in mind certain things.

Be thorough and peek into every drawer, shelf, and closet. People tend to forget valuables, important documents, and other important stuff. This happens because these things tend to be out of sight and often forgotten.

Take note of every detail of value and importance. Make sure you gather all of the documents that may follow certain items. TV guarantee, receipt, and user manual follow the TV for example so don’t forget them. Also, record every peace of a valuable collection you may have to avoid loss and damage, etc.

So, making an inventory does not have to be that difficult. Do not hesitate to make the inventory and make sure you update it regularly. Set a date to do it or update it whenever you buy something of value. Just do it and you will find that a home inventory can make your move more organized and help you out in this situation.