The ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos

Time to take an important step in your life and move out of your place to a new one with better opportunities. Your new home is in Los Alamos, New Mexico. But you are not sure how to realize the move. Well, we are here to help with the ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos. It doesn’t matter if you are in a pinch and packing in a hurry this guide will teach you how to execute a move with no problem.

The first tip in the ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos is to determent your budget

Before we get into moving, we have to go over your relocation budget. Deciding on a moving budget will affect every decision that you make during your moving process. By defining a budget, you will know how much you could spend on each part of your move. The most important thing when defining a moving budget is to follow it. Because if you don’t, relocation can cost a pretty buck. How you decide how much money you are going to spend on your move depends on if you are hiring a moving company or not.

An image of one dollar bills
A budget will prevent you from over spending

When you have decided that, you can set a moving budget and keep to it. Hiring a moving company will cost more than moving by yourself, But moving by yourself will take a lot more time and energy. If you decide to hire a moving company, read about moving contact terms. By learning about the moving contract terms, you can avoid overpaying your moving company.

Making a plan

Making a plan will make moving easier for you by a mile. Figuring out a good plan can keep you calm during the moving process and prevent you from forgetting to pack your valuables. A plan will involve making a detailed list of things that you will have to do and how to do them. A solid plan will include these things:

  • The ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos recommends that you have moving supplies on your list. What supplies you will need and where to get them.
  • Deciding what thing you will keep and what not. If you have fewer things and you hire a mover, it will be cheaper
  • When to start packing, what to pack first and how to pack your belongings
  • Something to label your boxes
  • How to load a moving truck
  • What things do you need to bring with you and not pack into a moving truck?
an image of a black marker on notebook with a calendar
Second tip on the ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamaos is to make a reliable plan so that you don’t get drowned by all the hardships of a move

The third thing on the ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos is acquiring the moving supplies

Getting quality moving supplies is crucial for any move. Moving supplies are what keeps your stuff from getting banged up during the relocation. You will need:

  • Sturdy moving boxes of different sizes
  • Wrapping materials: Bubble wrap, wrapping paper, packing peanuts, you can use old blankets, rags
  • Something to write with, so that you can label your boxes
  • Good tape and a tapping gun to secure your boxes.
An image of piled up boxes
Bad moving boxes can break down during transportation

The before mentioned supplies can be both from Santa Fe Storage and Moving. They are a good moving company that will provide you with quality packing materials to fit your needs. However, if you don’t get your supplies from a moving company, you can order them online. Maybe visit some of your local stores, reuse old packing materials from your previous move. Ask your friends if they have old packing materials.

Get rid of unwanted things

Take a stroll in your home and see if you have things that you will not need in Los Alamos. Get thorough them away or you can make some money from them. Maybe organize a yard sale if you have something valuable. But remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasurer. By decluttering your home, you will save money on movers if you hire them and on packing supplies.

The fifth tip on our ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos is on how to pack

When it comes to any move packing, takes most of the time. You will disassemble a lot of furniture and lift heavy things. To save you time and strength, rely on skilled people in the area , local movers can pack up your things like they are nothing. They have done it countless times before and know what to do from their years of experience. However, If you do it alone, here is how to approach the packing process.

Start by packing up the rooms that you use the least, and as the moving day comes near, pack the rooms that you use more. By following the before mentioned method, you will resume your daily until the day of the move.

Before you put anything in the boxes, put cushioning on the bottom of the box. Then put in the heavy things first and the lighter than after. The heavy things will prevent the boxes from tipping over during transportation. If there are any unfilled spaces in the boxes filled them with wrapping materials.


The easiest way to label boxes is to use a marker and to write directly on them. You can use different methods of labeling. The best one is to label by room and the things that are inside the boxes. You can use different colored markers or sticky notes, but make sure that it’s clear.

The final tip on the ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos is on how to load the moving truck

The ultimate guide for moving to Los Alamos concludes with a tip on how to load the moving truck. Get specialized equipment so that you don’t hurt your back the best option is a dolly. Load the van in by importance, what things you will need first when you arrive at your new home. If you have loaded the truck in order, unpacking will be a breeze, and you will be able to resume your life in Los Alamos.