The nicest family-friendly places on the East Coast

Moving around and last-minute packing is not for everybody, least of all for families with children. However many young families have a lot to gain while moving and changing scenery. Young professionals with families are often tempted to move for new and promising job opportunities. Affordable living conditions, entertainment, and other things can be significant factors for them to move. Many are searching for the nicest family-friendly places to settle down. They are looking for good living conditions for their children. Also, they are on the lookout for places with family-oriented amenities, schooling, etc. If you are in this category and looking to settle on the East coast, keep reading as we can help you out with listing family-friendly places on the East Coast.

East Coast place that are family friendly

The East coast offers a large number of places that are family-friendly and perfect for families. The fact is that the beaches and the weather on the east coast are great but there is much more than that important to families. The cities have to be easy to get used to and adapt to. They must be affordable and offer a good education. They also must offer plenty of amenities that are great for families.

Washington old houses
Aside from being the Capital, Washington is also one of the best family-friendly places on the East Coast

Once you find just what you need, you can then reach out to Zippy Shell Northern Virginia and other movers to help you with your family relocation. For now, let’s make a list of cities that offer what families need and that are generally family-friendly:

  • Washington DC,
  • Brooklyn NY,
  • Ashburn VA,
  • Orlando FL,
  • Fort Lee, NJ
  • Silver Spring MD

Washington, DC

As the Capital city, Washington may not seem that appealing for families at first. However, it has a lot of neighborhoods that are family-friendly and suitable for family life. Washington is a place of opportunity with many job opportunities to offer. It also offers a large number of educational programs and schools coupled with great outdoor activities. This city is full of young families so adapting and finding the company is easy. All of this makes Washington an easy city to settle in, adapt to, and love.

Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn as one of the five boroughs of NYC may not seem as appealing for the families at first. After all, Brooklyn is part of one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. However, it is more than just NYC. Brooklyn can offer even more and more of a small-town feel away from the rush and hassle. It also offers affordable housing solutions as well as a lower cost of living compared to the city. This makes it perfect for families with kids and one of the nicest family-friendly places on the East Coast. At the same time, it is well connected to Manhattan and other boroughs making it perfect for working parents commuting to work.

Ashburn, VA

Ashburn is an oasis of forestry and open spaces and is one of the family-friendly places on the East Coast to enjoy. The place is secluded from the bustling city streets and it also has a great many amenities to offer. It is close to Washington making it perfect for commuters to work. At the same time, Ashburn also has an economy that can offer great job opportunities.

Brooklyn at night
Brooklyn has a lot to offer and can be quite different than the rest of NYC

Coupled with its affordability this is the reason why young professionals with families are gravitating to Ashburn. If you are moving here you can easily reach out to people nearby for assistance and help. Local movers can cover all of your family’s moving needs and handle your move with ease. The community is also great and it can offer a helping hand for both your move and your stay here.

Silver Spring MD

Outside of Washington, there is another great family-friendly community of Silver Springs. With a healthy economy, a mixture of urban and suburban it is a great place for families. This is a perfect place for commuters to Washington and it offers a much laid-back atmosphere. The place offers a lot for everyone and every part of the family.

First of all, it’s the nature and wide-open spaces that you can enjoy. At the same time, there are many great shopping opportunities and social events and happenings. The schooling system is great. With many family-friendly amenities, this is one of the best locations to move your family to. With help from some local movers, you can settle in without problems and start your family’s adaptation to the East Coast.

Orlando skyline
With its great weather and many outdoor amenities and activities, Orlando is perfect for families.

Orlando, FL

For all those looking for warm and sunny weather Orlando is a great option. The city has many outdoor activities to offer. From Disney Word, cultural offerings, bars, restaurants the city has everything to offer for every member of the family. The city is not boring and you can always find something fun to do there. At the same time it is affordable and family budget-friendly.

Fort Lee, NJ

New Jersey is one of the best-known family-friendly and safest places on the East Coast. This state offers a small-town feel, peace, and quiet and is perfect for families. Its borough of Fort Lees stands out as the perfect family place. Well connected to the business hub of NYC it is perfectly located. This location is very affordable whether you are only leasing or buying real estate. it is also very affordable combined with many amenities suitable for families. Fort Lee is a perfect place to move in with your family.

Before you embark on your journey

So if you are looking to settle in one of the family-friendly places on the East Coast, we can really help you out with some relevant information. Some of the nicest family-friendly places are listed here and all you have to do is choose. However, you are free to research more and find just the right place that suits you. After detailed research, you will not have any problems deciding on your next East Coast home.