The moving preparation dilemma – keep, donate or toss?

When the time for moving comes, the most important thing is to downsize. Why? Because the more stuff you plan on relocating, the more expensive the move will be. First, you will need to buy more packing materials, spend more time preparing everything, pay the movers extra, and in the end, clutter your new home again. Believe us, you do not need that in your life! So, in order to declutter your home, and save time and money on your relocation, you will have to figure out what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell. Sometimes this is not an easy task as it looks. Deciding what to keep and what to leave behind can be hard. But do not worry, we will help you out with your moving preparation dilemma.

Make a Plan to Solve the Moving Preparation Dilemma

First things first, you need to make a plan. It would be best to to start solving this moving preparation dilemma a few weeks before the guys available at come to relocate your stuff. So, try to make an inventory of each room. That way, you will have a clear look at everything that is inside. Also, do not forget to make an inventory of all the items in your garage, basement, and attic. Then, gather packing materials. You will need cardboard boxes, plastic bins, packing paper, duct tape, scissors, and markers. You can get this at your local hardware store or stationery shop. Moreover, it is advisable that you have a family meeting before you start donating, selling or throwing away some of the things. After all these steps are completed, ask yourself the following questions.

A girl writing a plan in her notebook to solve the moving preparation dilemma.

Making a plan is of key importance when having the moving preparation dilemma of what to keep, toss or donate.

Do I Really Need This?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when dealing with the moving preparation dilemma. You, just like everybody else in the world, probably have a pile of stuff in each room, drawer or closet. So, how to know what is worth keeping, what donating and what tossing away? Of course, if you have some documents, make sure to go through them first. It is a good idea to save tax-related documents, property and health records, in a separated file! And, if you have any bills, manuals, or bank documents, it is safe to throw them away. And when it comes to other things that have been taking away space in your home, ask yourself when was the last time you even thought about that particular item and whether you really need it. 

Have I Used It Recently?

Maybe you have had some items in the past that were very useful to you. But as time went by, you kind of stopped using them. Now, these things are probably cluttering your living area, taking away the much-needed space, and will also cost you a fortune to relocate. So, ask yourself – when was the last time you actually used that particular item? This is especially useful when you are trying to sort out the clothes. Do not hold on to the clothing items you have not worn in a couple of years. This is also applicable to electronics and different gadgets. Technology changes fast, and we continue to buy new things while neglecting the old ones. And this is how we clutter our home even more. So, go through all the things that you have not used recently, and ask yourself if you really need them.

A woman looking at a picture ina frame on the wall.

Give yourself some time to really think about a certain object. After tossing it, there is no going back.

Will I Miss It?

Of course, this does not apply to documents. You are not going to miss them, but you will regret if you toss them. If you have some items from your parents or grandparents that you inherited or some items that you got used to, it is not going to be easy solving the moving preparation dilemma. But, just think about it. If those ‘loved’ items are completely useless, broken, or taking too much space, you should better get rid of them. Do not become oversentimental when dealing with material things. Everything is replaceable. You should only keep items that have a sentimental value, that are irreplaceable and really expensive. Try keeping only books, photos, pictures, figurines and similar. Get rid of that old stinky couch and wardrobe. Getting rid of unnecessary things is especially important if you are moving into a smaller home.

Look For Alternatives

After you have asked yourself the previously mentioned questions, you must make a few important decisions. But before you start packing your moving boxes and tossing, consider what alternatives you have. For example, if you have too many books, you might consider donating them as now everything can be found online. Also, if you have too many documents, DVD movies, music and photos on CD’s, consider placing them on a drive. Technology can really help you downsize and resolve many moving preparation dilemmas! Moreover, if you are uncertain whether you will miss some of your clothes, appliances, or even furniture maybe you should consider keeping your items safe in a storage facility until you make up your mind.

A storage warehouse.

Storage units can be really useful for keeping your items.

The Final Step

Well, we must say that actually thinking about your possessions and considering what is worth keeping and what you should leave behind is the hardest job. Once you have made all the important decisions, you should gather all the boxes and bins and start sorting out your stuff. Make one pile a ‘Keep Pile’. Put here all the items you plan on taking with you to your new home. You can also start packing these items. Then, a ‘Toss Pile’. As the name suggests, this is the place for all the items that are broken, worthless and useless. Finally, you will be left with the items that are in good shape but you are willing to give away. First, organize the belongings for donation. One option is to donate them to your friends and family or to your local charity. However, if you need some extra money, you can also consider selling some of your items online or organizing a yard sale.