Tennessee towns millennials are flocking to

There is no doubt that a generation of millennials has left lasting footprints in the working world. According to recent studies, millennials are the most business-oriented generation so far. If there is a job opportunity or a more affordable cost of living out there, deciding on a move is no hassle for millennials. Being optimistic, they are looking for constant career improvement. The number of millennials who want to move their business and family in Tennessee is rising. Mostly because of the vibrant quality of life immersed in diversity. Besides that, having multiple job opportunities for prosperous millennials is challenging. Also, they are more inclined to choose mid-sized cities since they provide a less lucrative urban experience. Choosing the right place depends on your personal preferences and needs. Trying to cover it all, we choose some of the most appealing towns millennials are flocking to.

Why choose Tennessee

Over the last couple of years, Tennesse has shown significant signs of economic growth. It is a living paradise for the ones who search for a better work-life balance. The fact that Tennessee is one of the states with no income tax was one of the main reasons for millennials to move. Since the regular tax rate is only 0.64 %, it makes Tennesse has the lowest property tax of all states. If you’re looking to buy a house in Tennesse you can find some of the best price deals and offers.

The average price of a household is only $164,500 anywhere in the state. The same low-cost prices also can be found in areas around main cities such as Nashville or Memphis. Besides that, Tennessee doesn’t lack beautiful and calming mountain sceneries. The Great Smoky Mountains hold true beauty of this state and each season attract numerous nature lovers. Still, with all it has to offer it’s only up to your choice. Once you carefully go through pros and cons of moving to Tennessee, the right solution will show up in front of your eyes.


 A city skyline and the river.
Nashville is the home for music and many world-famous music festivals.

In general, smaller towns create a warm sense of community among people. It’s easier to make meaningful connections with your neighbors or your co-workers. It’s what makes Nashville one of the top towns millennials are flocking to. Besides that, Nashville is one of the quickest growing cities in the U.S. It’s a place where your business opportunities will flourish on every corner. Many millennials that search to move their own business prefer Nashville since it fits every modest budget. Apart from jobs, Nashville is the temple of music and creativity. Many inspiring musicians come to pursue their careers. If you are new in the town, don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the crowd and enjoy its unique music scene.


Memphis is the town where the majority of the population are millennials. The quality of amenities it offers has significantly increased the popularity of this city. The city has a full plate of cultural innovations, political communities, and non-profit organizations. They all offer business development to new entrepreneurs. Besides that, Memphis is known to be one of the cheapest places to acquire a home. Prices of home rentals are below average in the whole country. If you are looking for a low-cost style of life and broad career opportunities, let Memphis become your priority.

If all paths lead you to Memphis and you can’t resist its heartful hospitality, you better start planning your move. Despite the stress of the moving process and the expense it brings, many moving companies can give you a quick hand. The great thing about Memphis is the vast mixture of moving services it offers. One of the most reputable moving companies is in Millington, 9 kilometers north of Memphis. You will certainly need the help of professionals before the stress it brings takes a toll on you. Don’t worry, no matter how hectic the relocation moving process can get, professionals will have your back.


Do you dream of living in a cozy house you don’t have to spend a fortune on? You might make your dream come true in Chattanooga. It’s one of the most affordable Tennessee towns millennials are flocking to. If you are a first-time mover and want to buy a house, you can pay a mortgage that is less expensive than paying for rent. Of course, this is possible only after your incomes and credit report are evaluated. Besides that, saving cash while living in Chattanooga is possible, since there is no income tax on wages. Also, it’s the city with the highest level of employment. The average salary is aligned with the national standard. Great opportunities for young small business startups are far and wide. For so many reasons the city offers a dream life any millennial would want to move to.

A viewpoint that overlooks on Tennessee river.
It’s one of the most popular towns millennials are flocking to each year.


The percentage of millennials in Knoxville is above 30% comparing to other cities on the list. The reasonable cost of living brings together young career seekers and professionals. Also, the economy of the city is among the most stable in the country, something that millennials can take advantage of. If you want to be self-employed, you will not make a mistake if you decide to move to Knoxville. If you already run a business, moving your company in the area of economic growth could be a smart move. Moving your entire company seems complicated at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is no relocation process that a professional Spyder Moving service can’t support. It’s one of the trustworthy companies you can count on in the entire area of Tennesse.

A park in the downtown area.
Constant business growth makes this place suitable for ambitious millennials.

Many factors play an important role when choosing a place to settle down. The cost of living, outdoor activities, housing, and the job market. Millennials are sensitive to high prices and generally seek cost-effective hits. They are more likely to choose a convenient deal that is close to main city amenities. Also, they prefer to find a balance between their work and private life. Abbondant cities of Tennesse offer great quality deals that can satisfy the needs of ambitious entrepreneurs.