How to organize your moving day like a pro

Luggage next to a chair.

The moving day is finally here! But, do not start celebrating just yet. There are some other things you have to finish before you can relax and go to your new home. Yes, we know – you are exhausted, stressed out and in desperate need of sleep. But if you neglect this particular day, the […]

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How to find the best movers?

Signing a contract - after you find the best movers.

So you found a perfect home and you are moving? One of the things you need to do now is to find a good moving company. But, how are you going to do that? Well, continue reading, and learn how to find the best movers!

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Tips for moving into a smaller apartment

Keys being offered to a person moving into a smaller apartment

Moving can be a challenge by itself. But, if you’re downsizing, it might seem like an even bigger challenge. Especially if you’re moving from a bigger house to a small city apartment. In big cities, it’s not so easy to find an apartment of larger size in a great location, that’s within most people’s budget. […]

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How to settle down after the move – the ultimate checklist

a girl showing thumbs up because she knows how to settle down after the move

The moving process takes a lot of steps. Actually, those steps also include the period after the move. It may seem overwhelming – you think everything is over once you arrive at your new home, but, actually, it isn’t. However, you shouldn’t worry about it. We have a simple checklist of things to do after […]

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How to handle an international relocation?

international relocation

Planning, organizing, and more planning. This is the key to every successful international relocation. There will be so much that you need to handle. The moving tasks that you haven’t even consider or thought that is important. And they are, all of them. If you miss one, that can derail the path of your entire relocation. […]

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How to organize your move to Chicago?

How to organize and prepare your move to Chicago?

When you are thinking to start a new life in the USA, you should think twice before you make your final decision. Keep in mind that there are a lot of cities which can be interesting for your new start. If you are not sure where to start a new life, you should think about […]

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Living & Working in Tucson – what’s to know?

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona with around 500,000 residents. It’s home to the University of Arizona. And it’s filled with beautiful Spanish architecture that you can enjoy. If you are a sports fan you’ll be disappointed to hear that Tucson isn’t represented in any of the four major sports leagues. But the […]

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What are the Worst Days to Move During the Holiday Season?

Moving is a stressful process that requires a lot of planning. You have many things to plan out, but the first thing you should plan is when to relocate. Well, not many inexperienced people will know, what are the worst days to move during the holiday season? This is why have gathered the information on […]

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Household relocation 101

Life requires changes every once in a while. If you spend too much time on one job position, living the same routine in the same place, it can get old. This makes you tucked in too tight in your comfort zone and leaves you no place for grow. And people should never stop growing. Our mindset […]

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Kid-friendly activities in Boston

Whether you have just moved to Boston and you are meeting the city and the neighbors, or you are planning to move in future with your family, you should familiarize yourself with kid-friendly activities in Boston. There are a lot of choices, and you should explore them all with your kids. After all, they are kids […]

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