Ways you can help your elderly parents move to a new home

Daughter and elderly mother meetup. Show kindness while helping your elderly parents move.

Let’s say you have decided your elderly parents should move to a new house, nursing home, or a memory care facility. It must’ve been a tough decision, after all – they’re the ones that made the decisions for you while you were young. Now, the situation is turned upside down. They’re old, fragile and you’re […]

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Mistakes to avoid when moving in Colorado Springs

There is a bit dissatisfied woman holding some folders in her hands.

Everyone wants to know what is the best way to conduct a move and to make it all stress-free. And although every relocation is specific, there are still some things that count for each of them. Here come several mistakes to avoid when moving in Colorado Springs. The troubles of the last minute packing Everybody […]

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Preparing your clothes for long-term storage

Clothes - Preparing your clothes for long-term storage

Your wardrobe is overcrowded, and now you’re wondering what you can do to save some space. One of the most effective ways is to store away the clothes you don’t wear a lot. But, how can you do it? Well, all it takes is a little preparation and sorting and you’re halfway done. Here’re some tips […]

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Surviving a New York City move

A view of NYC.

Thinking about relocating to New York City? Be sure that you are going to love this city and that you will adapt really fast. The major question is can you organize your move and still save money? In other words, is surviving a New York City move possible? Keep in mind that with good organization […]

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Moving Day Checklist – Student Edition

A girl with notes makes moving day checklist for students

Moving day checklist is a crucial part of every move. You need to make a moving checklist in every circumstance. However, it is different in the stages of moving. As you need to define steps for weeks before moving, you also need to put on the list tasks for moving day.

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How to pack artwork for moving

Art owner sitting in front of the paintings and thinking about how to pack artwork for moving.

Packing, as a part of the moving process, requires a lot of patience, planning, and effort in order to be successful. You need to think about many details upfront, so you don’t waste precious time and even money. A significantly more difficult situation is when you need to transport one of your valuable artworks. Whether […]

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