Places in Alabama retirees should consider moving to

Senior beside mark

It is time to relax, to watch TV and walk as long as you want and can. You have come to the point where you want to move on, and change something, to improve your health, spend more time with family and friends, give back or pursue your passion, enjoy your life, and start to […]

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Moving when pregnant – pros and cons

Pregnant woman looking at her stomach

When a new family member is about to join a family, that often means that it’s time to move to another home. The reasons for such a decision can be numerous, from the lack of space or impracticality of the old home to just wishing to welcome a new baby in a new home. However, relocation […]

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How to prepare for the upcoming international move?

Earth from the space

How to prepare for the upcoming international move and to prepare your bulky items for transport? Even a local and short distance move is a difficult and stressful event. So, how to be ready and how to prepare for the international move or move overseas? What to expect? Here we have some tips that could help you […]

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Stay healthy during your move

The show must go on Moving, as always, is a rather stressful process. It is important for you, and your family, to stay healthy during your move. So, we are writing this short blog post to help you keep in mind some of the mundane things which you tend to forget during the chaos of […]

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