Keeping your new home organized – tips and hints

Keeping your new home organized is easy.

People say that organization is the key, and they are right. Many people who have recently settled in a new home, think that their new home will be organized at all times, like when they first came in. That can’t be further from the truth. There are many classic mistakes when it comes to the […]

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Space maximizing storage ideas for studio apartments

Furniture with a soft grey rug in front of a big plasma TV .

Space maximizing and storage ideas are vital when living in a studio apartment. Having a place with more room and less clutter sounds very exciting conceptually speaking, but not everyone is able to organize it properly. Many people are seeking an optimal approach, but how many are actually willing to go the extra mile and do […]

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Homelessness during the pandemic: how to help?

Homelessness during the pandemic is becoming a great problem for children.

Unfortunately, more and more people are becoming homeless during this pandemic. Homelessness during the pandemic is becoming a giant problem since more and more people are not being able to afford homes. Now is the time to be compassionate and help our fellow citizens as best as we can. How can we do that? How […]

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How to create more space in your walk in closet

Create more space in your walk in closet by organizing it.

Almost everyone who has a walk-in closet loves it. And people who don’t have one, want to have one. It is a most magnificent thing if you need to have a compact and easy to access space for your clothes and shoes, but sometimes our walk-in closets are not simply large enough. We need more […]

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Surviving a New York City move

A view of NYC.

Thinking about relocating to New York City? Be sure that you are going to love this city and that you will adapt really fast. The major question is can you organize your move and still save money? In other words, is surviving a New York City move possible? Keep in mind that with good organization […]

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How to choose the right art for your new house?

White posters ona black wall.

Yes, moving into a new home is exciting. Especially if you have lived in a rented place for a long time. As you have a new home now, you can decorate it the way you want it, without any restrictions. However, sometimes, that’s exactly the problem. What is really that you want to do with […]

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Cleaning your new home: tips & tricks

Starting cleaning your new home.

The moving process does not include only packing and choosing a moving company to transport all your household items to your new home. After renting or buying a new home, it is time to clean it. It is also part of the moving process. Cleaning your new home is not the most fun part, but […]

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Moving your New York based music studio

So, you are planning on moving your New York-based music studio and you can see that it will be a lot of work. Moving a music studio can be quite a pain since its not your ordinary household move. With different equipment, specialized furniture, and items as well as fragile, bulky instruments a studio can […]

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How to find reliable movers in Chicago?

Chicago skyline.

When you’re moving you want your movers to be as good as they can be. However, sometimes choosing and picking them is not the easiest thing to do. It can be a daunting and time-consuming task for many reasons. Mainly because there are many factors that you need to consider when dealing with this. One […]

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