What to do if your move got interrupted by coronavirus outbreak

A medical mask.

The coronavirus pandemic situation has stopped the entire world. A lot of people might feel the exact consequences when the pandemic ends. Jobs, schools, everyday activities, etc. everything has stopped, so humanity can fight and win this virus. Scientists are suggesting staying home and not going out unless it is absolutely necessary. But, how to […]

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Tips for packing your storage unit on a short notice

Storage - Tips for packing your storage unit on a short notice

You can deal with extra items in your home in multiple ways. One of the best ways is putting them in the storage unit. But, you need to know how to do it most efficiently. This is important because it allows you to utilize most of the space you have at your disposal. Here are some […]

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How to pack an essential box when moving?


It is time to pack your boxes for moving. And, you did everything right. But, most people forget to pack an essential box when moving. Why is that important, and what is the essential box? Wherever you are moving, long distance or local, you should have one type of this box. Home packing tips can […]

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Moving your art across the state safely

Moving your art across the state

If you are an art lover and the day has come when you move your house, you will definitely need to take special care of important artworks that give character to your home. For some people, ensuring that valuable items come safely, is just as important as moving all other furniture. We understand how difficult […]

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Prepare like a professional when moving cross state

moving cross state

Moving cross state may be a nightmare to organize by yourself. When you do, you allow the stress to get to you. When that happens it is possible to overlook something and make a costly mistake. You can avoid getting into trouble while moving when you prepare for the move. Consider professional movers advice and […]

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How to prepare for moving to the Big Apple

Moving to the Big Apple is a huge step in your life. So, prepare yourself.

New York City is capital of New York state. Moving to an amazing city such as New York is an exciting decision. But that involves a lot of forethought and planning. Before you move, choose a neighborhood you want to live in, and find an apartment. Then you can start your move, and U. Santini Moving […]

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The art of packing fragile items: tips on how to pack like an expert

There’s no way to guarantee a perfect ride for your box, but careful packing and labeling is probably the best preventative measure.

Packing clothes, books and toys is relatively easy, as preserving them does not require much effort and professional packing materials. Delicate porcelain, glassware, and other breakable items, however, are very prone to damage. Keeping them intact when moving across the state is quite an art. You will have a lot of organizing to do prior to […]

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How to pack your suitcase for a move

The case of the Survival Box Any kind of a trip, long or short, brings you to this part of the process: packing your items into a suitcase. While a move might not be an ideal vacation on a beach, in the end, it is simply one long, one-way trip to a new place. So, […]

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