How to make your NYC office more inviting

Aerial view of Manhattan that makes you think of ways to make your NYC office more inviting

The modern office does not have to be a place of dullness and monotony. The days of interminable rows of cubicles, industrial carpets, and excruciating lighting are long gone. The environment can have an impact on our attitude, productivity, and workflow. It’s not necessary to build over-the-top Google-like settings (with slides, bicycles, and free meals […]

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Modern design ideas for your Davie home office

A desk next to a window at one's home

This year has been a wild one. Plenty of people had to start working from home instead of the office because of the coronavirus pandemic. And working from home isn’t easy even though it sounds like a dream. Working from home is much more than just being in your pajamas the whole day drinking tea […]

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