Stay healthy during your move

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Moving, as always, is a rather stressful process. It is important for you, and your family, to stay healthy during your move. So, we are writing this short blog post to help you keep in mind some of the mundane things which you tend to forget during the chaos of relocating.

Visit your doctor

Even if you’re healthy, pay a visit to your physician before your relocation. This is even more important if you’re going to be switching your physicians because of the move. If you have any pre-existing conditions, you should consider filling up your prescriptions and, of course, check if your immunizations are up to date. Be careful of the flu season.

While washing hands is a daily ritual that one doesn’t forget, during the move, it can be left out, especially by children. After all, they never did like washing their hands. So, remember to remind them to wash their hands before meals and after using the toilet. This is, of course, an advice for you as well.

Now, even if in the car, when you feel like having a snack, there is a way for you to protect yourself from the germs. Buy a packet of wet wipes and keep a hand sanitizer on your person.

Plan to stay healthy during your move

Plan your Moving

Plan your Moving

We understand that nobody really wants to be sick during a move. However, often your responsibilities overwhelm you. So, make a four-week plan about your move. Try to take few days off work, if possible. Review your plan and increase the time needed for your move activities by 30%. That way, you’ll avoid postponing your chores for tomorrow witch will take away the time you planned for sleeping, cooking or relaxing with your family.  If you try to do everything during weekend, you will be stressed out and tired at the start of the next week. We understand that moving is kind of like an exhausting marathon. So, put your time table on your fridge and check it every day to stay on track and keep healthy.

Rest and recreation

Now as you’re reading this title you think that we’ve finally lost our marbles. People don’t really rest during the move, do they? They leave that for later. To remain healthy during your move, make sure to calculate the right amount of hours which you will need to rest properly. We don’t want you to be googling at three in the morning how to sleep eight hours in four, after all.

We suggest using these Greek words of wisdom here: meden agan. So, heed them and have nothing in excess, in other words, leave some space on your schedule for an active rest like a walk, yoga, bike ride or some activity with your family. Doing so will relax you, help you sleep better and you will have more positive energy in the morning.

An apple a day… Food and drinks that will keep you healthy

Food shouldn’t be just for survival, ordering deliveries and going to restaurants if you want to stay healthy during your move. Once a week, feel free to indulge, however, for the rest of the time, we have prepared a true mission impossible for you – cooking. You’re asking yourself how to cook until the last day at your old home and from the first day in your new home because you’re not Tom Cruise… Well, we have a few tips for you:

As you need to empty your fridge for your move anyways, start from using up all of those frozen peas in the freezer. This also applies to canned food in your storage. Buy only fresh bread, fruit and vegetables that you need on a daily basis. Not only will you speed up the ‘empty fridge’ task by doing this, but you will also be eating healthy. Speaking of tasks, we will add another tip here, telling you to pack your kitchen essentials during the last day, and leave it available to be unpacked first.

Make sure to drink enough water and cut back on some of the coffee that you’ve definitely been drinking. Some teas are just as strong and will have the same, energy boosting, effect on you. Make sure to go to the bathroom regularly and wash your hands.

Friends and family help keeps you healthy during your move

We strongly advise that you accept this piece of advice only if you haven’t had previous bad experiences attempting the same impossible feat.

If you’re following your plan, you should have sorting arranged around 20 or so days before your move. Friends and family will be able to help you immensely here. Invite them over to lend you a hand with arranging things. Make sure to separate the stuff that you’re considering not taking to your new home. You’ll thank us later for this tip. Now, don’t act like a General on the battlefield here, ordering your army of relatives, in-laws and friendly allies about, even if you are waging war against household items… Prepare some drinks for your friends and family and have a small break. At the end of the whole ordeal, ask your helpers if they’d like to re-home some of the things which you’ve put aside in the ‘not moving’ pile.

If you haven’t used up the time during this day gossiping and having fun with your friends, feel free to enlist their help again. If the day wasn’t productive, we’d suggest that you take on some of the responsibilities yourself or contact a professional.

Warning: Make sure not to take on all the activities by yourself. Take care of your body to stay healthy during your move.

Clothing, packing and carrying

Sort stuff for moving

Sort stuff for moving

This is not Fashion Week… No, these are some tips for being properly dressed for moving house!

Your shoes should be flat, comfortable and cover your toes, despite the global warming. We don’t want those nasty nightstands and wardrobes to target your little toes! If you’re moving during winter, make sure to get shoes which are slip resistant. We advise long, comfortable pants and long sleeved shirts, as well, to avoid cuts. Also, consider investing in some protective gloves for the same reason.

Regarding packing and carrying, make sure to separate the weight accordingly in boxes. The maximum wait that a person should carry is 10kg. Pick up boxes with both arms, not on the side, so that the weight is distributed evenly, to keep healthy during your move. This will prevent spine and shoulder injuries. Also, while carrying heavy items, don’t turn around sharply in any circumstances, not even if Liv Tyler was calling for you! This kind of movement will put you in bed, for sure, but not with the beautiful actress, but with pain and stiffness.

Warning: Don’t ignore your body’s complaints! If you have an ache somewhere, your throat hurts or your muscles are sore, this could all become a serious problem while moving.

And at the end, we wish you good luck with your move:

It’s show time!