Space maximizing storage ideas for studio apartments

Space maximizing and storage ideas are vital when living in a studio apartment. Having a place with more room and less clutter sounds very exciting conceptually speaking, but not everyone is able to organize it properly.

Many people are seeking an optimal approach, but how many are actually willing to go the extra mile and do proper research about it? There are also plenty of problems that may occur when moving. You should get a quick review of those just in case you are on the edge of doing the big step soon.

One green basket and one orange basket with a gray wooden background.
Deposit some of your small stuff into colorful baskets. This will make your studio look bigger and cozier.

Here is a list of space maximizing and storage ideas we have come up with in order to assist you with your goal of making your studio apartment look and feel bigger:

Have a practical minimalist approach

This is the standard piece of advice you are going to get when asking for space maximizing and storage ideas for your studio apartment. And it actually works. All the packing tips for college students are equally applicable to early graduates as well. Whoever recommended you to become a partisan of this ideology, has done you a great favor. Less is definitely better when it comes to furniture and even day-by-day stuff. As an experienced traveler, I can tell you for sure that having extra things would make your relocation harder. Because the cost of transportation is usually bigger than buying new things, in 95% of the cases you are going to end up by giving them for free. This is why you should make yourself a favor and watch “Mowgli” all over again. You might find Baloo`s song, “Bare necessities”, pretty good to adopt as a new life principle.

Keep it tidy and clean

It`s a fact that messiness won`t make your place look inviting. On the contrary. So if you want to have a studio that looks cozy and welcoming, make sure you use that vacuum you bought on that Black Friday way back. And use it on a regular basis, preferably weekly. A clean place will always look bigger, so it`s definitely a win-win. Also, permanently having a neat place, will make you feel confident having friends over. Even once the movers arrive at your place, your place won`t look like a pigsty. Talking about moving, our readers are mostly requiring the services recommended by They have gathered a group of companies that are said to provide excellence in all they do, so give them a call and ask for a quote.

No need for big pieces of furniture

Having a small studio apartment as an only inhabitant shouldn`t be hard to bear with. Especially with the proper planning. This doesn`t mean you should settle for some plastic items. They just have to be narrow enough to fit in perfect harmony with your interior design. This is actually one of the most clever space maximizing and storage ideas. Nevertheless, here are some ways to move heavy furniture that might help you in the future, so take some notes as well. Small furniture doesn`t also imply it has to be light, especially if the wood is high quality.

Owner of studio staying at his desk and working on the computer.
Your home office doesn`t have to be big in order for you to be productive.

Build lots of shelves into the wall

Instead of spending money on bulky wardrobes, you might as well get a wall full of shelves. Needless to say, you are going to save so much of the floor space. Books always give some extra color to the room, so you don`t really need to be a bookworm to have your wall redecorated with culture. You can arrange your own impressive library there, finally wiping the dust out of your childhood books. You can even place some boxes on these shelves. Just make sure you don`t stuff them with objects that might be too heavy resulting in the shelves falling like dominoes over each other.

Books and boxes on shelves with a red background.
Shelves are one of the most practical space maximizing and storage ideas for a studio apartment.

Use your cupboards to hide kitchen appliances

Another of our readers` space maximizing and storage ideas would be not to keep your work surfaces piled with clutter. It`s so easy to put the kitchen appliances in cupboards, leaving plenty of your working areas free. This will make cooking so much easier and enjoyable, as you won`t be in a constant need to move the small household items over and over again. Changing their location from one place to another will get you tired. For sure ordering fast food is going to sound like a better idea than the actual food preparation process. See? They are all connected. Healthy eating should be a priority at this point in your life, so try and cook on a daily basis and avoid junk food and fattening snacks.

Also, don`t make too big reserves of food. Only in case, World War III will reach us soon (and you should take my word for it that it won`t). It is pointless to make stocks of food just because it`s on sale and keeping it later on in those cupboards for ages until you move. You will again end up giving it away or maybe even throw it if it`s out of validity. This also because there are some items that movers won`t agree to move. Food is one of them, as it`s futile to do it and it could become messy as well. They usually avoid transporting certain things, but for some extra tips maybe they`ll just let it slide.

Two chairs and flowers on a table.
A minimalist approach when it comes to your studio apartment is going to save you a lot of space.

Pull-out/sliding tray tables

Another ingenious of our space maximizing and storage ideas would be to install some of those very useful pull-out tray tables. It`s a really multipurpose item. So you can use it either in the kitchen as an eating table. Maybe even in your tiny workroom as an office. The thing is that this is going to save so much space in your studio. Whenever you need to use it, take a folding chair from behind the wardrobe and place t under the sliding tray table. Once you are done with eating/working, push the tray table back into the furniture. Then hide the folding chair behind that antique wardrobe of yours. Simple as that.

Buy a fold-up bed

Not only good to save some space during the day. But also an easy way to always be ready for guests. A fold-up bed will definitely make your room look double in size, once the sleeping place gets hidden into the wall. Everything is going to look neat and tidy at your place, as there will be no bedsheets around to spoil the visuals. When moving with little money people think that they should settle for ugly things, which is definitely not the case. You can have a nice-looking home even with minimum investments. All you have to do is pay attention to sharp lines and asymmetry. Also adopting a neutral colors policy is going to make your studio look neat and futuristic.

Use dividers/separators

The making of a good apartment is entirely subjective. You need to learn how to work with the space you have at your disposal. As an owner, you must start seeing and treating space as a resource. Regardless of its size, a good apartment is going to have a place to work and a place to relax. This is the reason you should be using dividers/separators. Most of them are transparent so that the separation is just a physical one. Of course, if you wish to create a feeling of privacy, you can make it more intimate by using opaque ones.

Bicycle next to some shelves with books placed on them.
With the right approach for storage in your studio apartment, you can even keep your bike inside.

Try and use colors that create a sweet harmony with your recently painted walls. Your space is going to look much more organized so that you will feel there is enough space for you to be comfortable in your own crib. This is one of the most useful of our space maximizing and storage ideas, which is also going to keep your place permanently organized and not in complete chaos. Just as a small legend for your choice of colors, keep in mind that each of them has a different significance. Green is reassurance, white means purity, and hygiene and blue invite you to calmness and peacefulness.

Assisting yourself for the final steps

You may not have enough money in your pocket or maybe you`re simply not the spending type of individual. There are so many ways to assist yourself with moving instead of complaining that no one is there for you to give a hand when in need. Moving pods are one of those inventions. They are definitely going to make your life way easier when moving your belongings. Here are some useful things to know about moving pods that better get stuck to your mind as a future reference.

Open space with isle, chairs and couch.
A sweet harmony of colors in your studio apartment will give it an extra air of coziness.

Things shouldn`t always be a struggle for you, so better pay some reputable movers to offer you their professional services. It will for sure not be free of charge, but it`s almost the same thing if you`re renting a moving pod, van, or platform, compared to paying qualified men in order to do it for you. It will save so much of your energy. So give yourself a little treat, life is not always about saving and saving. Start living a little and enjoy the little things of life. In the end, we are not allowed to take any boxes up there, so all we have is today and now.