Smart solutions for downsizing your home in Hilliard, OH

Are you moving to a smaller home? What to do with all your items? How to deal with relocation? There are many questions that need to be answered, especially if you are moving soon and you don’t have time to waste. If you are considering moving to Hilliard, OH or, you already live here but want to move to a different, smaller home, know where to start with moving preparations. Downsizing your home in Hilliard, OH does not have to be that difficult and stressful, not when you have the right guide to follow.

When moving to a home that is smaller than your current one, you should declutter your home before relocation. To separate things, you need and don’t need. This may be hard, especially if you are emotionally connected to some of the items. But, with some tips and tricks, you may find a solution to your problem.

Some of the reasons for downsizing your home are:

  • Simplifying your life
  • Getting rid of useless items
  • Cheaper costs of living and saving money
  • Less maintenance
A human head.
If you want a simple life, living is a smaller home is for you

Moving to Hilliard, OH

No matter how many items you have to move, hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended – especially for a long-distance relocation. One of the first steps when moving is to research movers to help you pack and transport household items. Nowadays, you can find all the information online, so start exploring. You can start by visiting as one of the reliable companies from Ohio.

Besides packing and deciding what to make, you need to make sure your items will arrive safely and undamaged to your new home.

If you already live in Hilliard but moving to a new home – a smaller one, it is also recommended to have professional help by your side. Ask experts to give you a helping hand because they have a lot of experience with moving and they will do it much faster than you would.

Tips for downsizing your home in Hilliard, OH

The median home value in Hilliard is $270,900. Over the past year, prices have gone up around 9% and they will continue to rise. People often choose to live in smaller homes now, and the price is not the only factor – but it is a major one.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Before moving, you should first get rid of unnecessary items. Make categories – what to toss, keep, donate, or sell. This is important especially if you want to avoid finding local storage, which may be difficult.

So, about 2 or 3 months before the final moving day, start prioritizing things. If you didn’t use items for 6 months or more, you probably won’t again. If something is almost new and undamaged, you can donate or organize a garage sale. If you want to sell, you can sell items online too. If you want to donate, there are many different organizations where you can leave clothing, books, toys, furniture, food, etc. Maybe you can get some tax benefits when donating.

Another benefit of this step is that you will have smaller moving and costs. The biggest factor when it comes to moving costs, is the amount of items you have to move.

Coins and a clock.
Downsizing your home in Hillard may save you a lot of money

Digitalize everything you can

Use the advantages of technology and digitalize everything you can. For example, photos, documents, paperwork, CDs, DVDs, birth certificates, old video cassettes – all of these items can be stored on the cloud or a local hard disk (or both, just in case). You will spend some time doing this, but in exchange, you won’t make clutter in your small home. Some homes don’t have enough space for those items, so this is a must, sometimes. When downsizing your home in Hilliard, look for creative ways to minimize everything.

Rent a storage unit in Hilliard

What if you cannot get rid of your items, what if you need them? What to do in this situation and where to keep all those items that cannot fit into your new home? The solution is easy – renting a self-storage in Hilliard is an excellent way to keep your stuff safe and at the same time, you won’t make clutter in your new home. So, you can have both – a nice apartment and all your belongings. This is one of the best choices when downsizing your home in Hilliard.

Choose the right size storage unit, and pack items properly in boxes before storing them. Also, choose the right location in Hilliard. Storage units in the center of the city or near the center are a little bit more expensive.

Keep in mind that there are some items that cannot be stored in a storage unit. Or require specials conditions, such as climate-controlled storage. Hilliard has a lot of storage solutions you can choose from.

Renting a storage unit when downsizing your home in Hilliard.
By renting a storage unit, you can keep all your items

Use multifunctional furniture

For smaller homes, multifunctional furniture is a very good option. A couch that can be a bed, or a dining table that can be adjusted – bigger if you have more guests, etc.

Today, it is easier to find these types of furniture because living in a smaller homes is more and more popular. People choose microhomes too, and multifunctional furniture is essential in those situations.

Maximize vertical space

Besides just downsizing your home in Hilliard, you need to look for other storage solutions in your home. How to use a small space properly.

Add shelves on walls in kitchen, bedroom, living room – they can be added in every room in your new home. Look for ways to maximize space in your house and at the same time, how to make your space look bigger than it is by adding lights, mirrors, rearranging furniture, etc.