Simple ways to store your garden tools

Whether you have recently taken up gardening or have been a keen gardener for quite some time and still keep losing and misplacing your tools, or it simply gets on your nerves where you hold it, stay with us. Here you can expect to find simple ideas on how to store your garden tools, some of which never crossed your mind.

Can you make a shed?

This one is for our avid DIYers. Having experience with these things and the right tools, designing and creating a shed is a piece of cake for you. In addition, it is as super budget-wise as everything else on the list. Taking up space shouldn’t worry you cause there are ways to maximize storage space in your backyard and useful tricks you can apply should you decide to make an outdoor building. If you like how this sounds, roll up your sleeves and get yourself busy making that shed!

Gardening tools hung on the gate, an example of how to store garden tools
Look at yet another practical way to store your garden tools.

Use a tool rack

A tool rack is a real savior when it comes to storing gardening tools. You can both buy them or make them. The latter doesn’t require any special knowledge or experience, so everyone can give it a try.

Store your garden tools in cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes are perfect for storing long-handled tools, such as rakes, shovels, spades, etc. Usually, you would place them in a shed, but you can put them in the basement or wherever you find convenient. The same goes for a tool rack. If you do have it, and since you’re upgrading it, consider making a shed eco-friendly as well. Why wouldn’t you?

How to store smaller garden tools then?

It makes sense that hand forks or secateurs won’t go into cardboard tubes. Otherwise, taking them out wouldn’t be possible. What you need to do is organize garden tools according to their size. You should hang small garden tools or put them into a bucket. In any case, they are not as problematic as those with long handles. Nevertheless, here are some ideas on where to hold them:

  • an old mailbox right next door that no one uses
  • make use of pallets
  • get potting bench
  • an old rake can help
Watering can and other tools in a straw basket
Storing small tools is simpler, and you can easily come up with something on your own.

As to what will you do next

These were some of the most practical, easy, and inexpensive ideas that you could find. Should you feel a need to read more on the subject, feel free to find valuable online resources at along with various other topics that they cover. We’re glad to have helped! Now you can pick up where you left off, store your garden tools, and make a little paradise in which you will enjoy the final ends of your work.