Should you move this fall?

Moving, moving, moving, that word is causing you a lot of stress. Should you move right now or not? What to do? It is a big decision, so should you move this fall and change your life completely? What are the advantages of moving this fall? Take the advice from experienced people and decide is this the time for changes.

Should you move this fall and why?

If you want to move a good strategy is a must wherever you move, especially if it is a long distance moving. The fall is coming soon, so you should decide fast. But, why is this fall the perfect time for moving?

A person holding a paper with a question mark.

When it is time to move, you have a lot of things to consider. Should you move this fall or not? What is the best choice for you?

You will save money

Yes, you will save money if you choose this fall for moving. How? Well, most people are choosing the summer for moving (June and July are the busiest months for moving), and if you want to move then too, moving companies are busy and they will charge you more for the same service. The fall is freer, so you will have more space for negotiating. That is how you will get the better price. October and November are off-season months, so if you want a cheaper move, choose those months.

It is easier for moving company too

Imagine moving on the hot summer months or on cold winter. It is exhausting and hard for the moving company too. Not just it is easier to move when is fall, it is actually safer. Driving on the icy roads while snow is falling can be dangerous. Loading and unloading heavy and large boxes from the moving truck on the hot and sunny summer days are hard and difficult.

The fall is a flexible season for moving

Almost 45 million Americans are moving every year. That is a big number. So, you never know what could happen. Something always can come up. When you make a plan for moving, you should always make a place for those “unexpected things”. That is why fall is a good season for moving because you can make a room for things you have not planned. For example, renting an apartment in the summer is more difficult than in the fall. Also, moving companies have more time to spend with you if something goes wrong. It is important to organize your moving but, always to be ready.

Writing plan A, B and C.

The fall is more flexible so, you can make more than just one plan for moving and renting.

Tips for moving in the fall

What to do if you are moving in the fall? Do not worry, we have some useful tips and tricks for moving in the fall if you were thinking should you move this fall. To be honest, moving can’t be stressless and easy, but you can make it easier with some simple tips and tricks. Especially if you want to start a new life in another country. For example, starting a life in Kuwait requires a lot of preparation and learning. But, it may be worth it.

Pack your boxes wisely

Whenever you are moving, you can not escape a packing. Do not throw items into boxes randomly, pack like an expert. When comes a time to unpack it, you will regret, for sure. So, be organized and label all boxes. Also, pack an essential box. This includes shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, toilet paper, underwear, snacks, scissors, sweater, umbrella, blanket (nights are cold in the fall), etc. Choose what will you take and what will you toss. Pack your boxes wisely and separate enough time for it.

Plan ahead and be ready for variable temperatures

The fall has variable temperatures. During a day is sunny, but the nights are cold. Also, rain falls often so think about wet roads. Set up your utilities in advance, even before a moving day. Why? It could be so frustrating and unhealthy to arrive at your new home and freeze the whole night (or day), especially if you have kids or worst, a baby. Moving with kids is more difficult than moving alone. And that’s all just because you cannot turn on the heat. What will you do without an electricity and hot water to take a shower? So, think ahead and make a plan.

Clean your yard

The fall has beautiful colorful leaves that fall from the trees. But, when you are trying to move boxes and to load them into a truck they can be dangerous. Take your broom and clean the pathway in your yard, sidewalks and the street where the truck will be. Rain can make slippery leaves and someone can fall, unfortunately.

Leaves on the pathway.

Leaving leaves on the pathway can be dangerous for you and for people who are loading the boxes into a truck.

Choose what to wear on a moving day

Be prepared for the moving day. Except for an essential box, you should prepare your clothes for a big day. It needs to be comfortable, light and of course, warm. So, dress appropriately and be safe. The weather will be cooler, especially in the mornings and nights. But, on the other hand, the days are sunny. So, the best solution is to wear layers of clothes.

Writing on a board about bad weather.

Choose the right clothes and you will not have any problem with the weather.

Now, when you know why should you move this fall, you can make the first step and start preparing for a new life. Or, on the other hand, if you do not like those reasons, then reschedule a move. Before choosing a day for moving, consider all the facts. Good luck!