How to settle down after the move – the ultimate checklist

The moving process takes a lot of steps. Actually, those steps also include the period after the move. It may seem overwhelming – you think everything is over once you arrive at your new home, but, actually, it isn’t. However, you shouldn’t worry about it. We have a simple checklist of things to do after the move so you can settle down after the move properly. It will help you stay organized in the days after the move so you can easily get settled and continue with your life as you did in the old home.

Things to do on the first day at your new home

Of course, items on this list are not all that urgent. However, let’s see what you need to do as soon as you come to your new home.

The first thing to do – check the boxes

If you followed our tips to hire the best local movers, there shouldn’t be any problems with the moving boxes delivered to your door. Even so, you need to check them all and see if everything is there and also the condition of the items. If there is something wrong, like a missing or damaged item, be sure to contact your moving company and the insurance company immediately. If it is necessary, you may need to file a claim for the items damaged or lost.

A girl holding a cardboard box while trying to settle down after the move

One of the first things to do before you start settling down after the move – check if all your items are there.

Finding a mover

If you still haven’t decided on the moving company yet, we can help you there. The biggest problem with finding the right moving company is the trust issue. Therefore, you should pick someone reliable like All American Movers, whom you can trust all your items with. Have a safe move without any surprising costs or other issues.

Set up all the utilities

To start functioning normally, you need to have all the utilities running – electricity, water, heating. Also, you can set up an internet connection, phone, and TV. This is also the perfect chance to learn where the main switches are so you can turn off electricity or water quickly if something goes wrong.


All the moving and traveling is certainly tiring. Therefore, dedicate the first night to relaxing and watching a movie. Here the essential box you prepared earlier comes in handy. Unpack only the essentials and enjoy your first night at the new house.

a person sleeping in a bed and trying to prepare for settling down after the move

Use the first day in your new house to relax and absorb all the changes.

Things to do in the days that follow – how to settle down after the move

Next, we have a couple of things you can’t forget if you want to ‘set up’ your life and go back to normal. Learn about the most important things to do so you can easily settle down after the move.

Change your address

It is essential to start receiving your mail to the new address as soon as you move in. Therefore, you need to update your address at the post office. This is one of the most important steps when you need to settle down after the move. Luckily, you can update your address online, too. It’s much easier and faster to do.

Let your providers know

Be sure to inform your TV/phone/internet providers about your relocation. Don’t let yourself stay without these services for a couple of days so do this in advance.

Find a school for your kids

If you are moving with children, you need to think about their education. To continue going to school, be sure to find them a good-quality school near your new home. The truth is, it’s best to do this before the move, so you can collect the important documents and just register them after you arrive at the new place.

Find a new doctor

This is for sure something you need to do before you actually need it. Find a new doctor and bring him/her all the medical records and prescriptions you’ve collected from your old doctor.

Check out the new vet

Moving with a pet can be a complicated thing to do. You need to help them adjust to your new home and accept the fact it’s now their new ‘territory’. However, the most important task on the settle down after the move list should be finding a good vet. Be sure to ask your old vet for a recommendation, and bring all the necessary meds and prescriptions.

Unpack and declutter

If you haven’t decluttered your old home, this is the perfect chance to do it. Start unpacking room by room, and organize your items. See if there are some items you don’t need at all – get rid of them by selling or donating. If you have some seasonal items, don’t let them hang around the house and be on your way. The best way to store items like that is taking a storage unit. Find suitable storage space and have the items you don’t use very often safe and ready.

Explore the neighborhood

When trying to settle down after the move, it can be hard getting used to the new environment. We suggest taking a few days off, and exploring the city and your neighborhood. Check out the nearby supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, cinema, etc. See what can be your new favorite spot and start thinking about it as your new hometown.

a detached house someone needs to settle down after the move

To settle down after the move, you should start exploring around your house and see what’s interesting in your new neighborhood.

Meet the neighbors

To start feeling like a part of the community and neighborhood, meeting new people is essential. Therefore, you can try meeting your closest neighbors. Simply go and introduce yourself, and ask some questions about the area. We are sure they will be glad to meet you and help you out.


To settle down after the move is not that easy. It takes time and patience. Relocation is a life event that sometimes disturbs all our habits and schedules, and some people find it hard to come back on track. You should stay organized, take a rest when you need it, embrace your new house, and start making it a home.