How to save some money as you plan your budget for the move: Part 1

The first step to a successful move is saving some money by planning a budget

Money makes the world go round, doesn’t it? We completely agree. And, moving is a rather expensive sport indeed. Well, as you are stressing over a couple of hundred bucks, attempting to squeeze a few more out of somewhere and solve all of your problems, as well as thinking about playing the lottery once again, we come to you with some tips and tricks full of wisdom. You’ve guessed it right, today, we will tell you about some ways how you can save some money as you change your address. So, let’s begin with our main suggestion:

Plan your budget for your relocation accordingly

We know, you’ve heard this one before. But, the thing is, no matter how many times you’ve heard that you need to plan, plan and then plan some more, you will usually disregard this piece of advice. But, let us remind you once more, as it’s a very good way to save some money during your move. In fact, a lot of people will underestimate the costs of relocating and then end up needed much more money than they would, had they planned.

Now, shall we give you some more practical advice on how to save money with planning your budget? Let us introduce you to a bad boy called Excel. He is going to be your best friend, as he is a very sleek Microsoft program, one of those that you’ve wondered why they exist in your Office bundle, and you likely haven’t used it very often. But, the amazing thing is, it’s not only very similar to Word, which you’ve definitely touched once or twice, but it will also do all of your calculations for you, so that you can simply enter different amounts and keep track of your finances.

When it doubt as to how to organize your budget, use Excel to help you save your money

Next, here are some things which you will need to plan in your moving cost estimate

If you are moving yourself:

  • Renting a van: The amount of money here will vary from company to company and will depend on the size of the truck which you are renting
  • Mileage/Gas: The rental agency will be able to help you with the miles to the gallon estimate. Be sure to find out the cost of fuel along your route, as well. A good thing to use here is the Fuel Calculator.
  • Insurance: Before getting your insurance, contact your credit card companies and find out if you’re covered under their service. If this isn’t covered, be sure you include an insurance fee in your calculations. This could help save some money
  • Extra Equipment Rental: Some examples are a dolly, a loading ramp, mattress and furniture covers, etc. Be sure to see if the rental agency will give them for free before you purchase them, as some agencies do give that service in order to help their customers save money as they relocate
  • Incidentals: We would suggest that you place at least 10% of the total move cost or more into the incidentals. Here, we include the chance that the price of the gas goes up or that you need to make a stop somewhere on the way, as well as if you need to buy some necessities en route.

If you’re hiring a moving company, here are some things to include in your budget

  • Moving Company Fee: We suggest that you call as many as five moving companies before deciding on which one you will be using. If you really don’t have the time, then call at least three. Ask them all for their estimates. These prices should include fuel charges and labor, as well. Make sure to plan a tip estimate for the workers in your budget, as you might need to do that as well.
  • Additional Insurance: If you have any items which are worth more to you, you should consider planning a separate insurance for them in your budget. We understand that this might not look like saving money, but it is better to insure than to buy again, if the items get broken.
  • Extra Services: If you have any large items, such as wardrobes, piano or sofas, which may need to be disassembled before being packed and moved, be sure to ask the moving company for a price estimate. They will charge you for dismantling and packing appliances as well, so if you want to save money, be sure to pack those that you can yourself.
  • Extra Charges: Some of the charges which you should jot down here are flight charges, long-haul charges, accessorial charges or expedited service charges.
  • Claims/damage costs: We suggest that, even though you may not need this, you plan 5% of the total moving company fees here, just in case.
  • Professional Packing: This service is optional, and you may consider asking your friends and family to help you pack in order to save some money while relocating.

Plan all the costs of the travel in your budget

  • Transportation: If you aren’t only using a rental van to move, but a car as well, make sure to plan all the money which you will need for the trip here. If you are traveling separately from your things, via plane, include that estimate as well.
  • Lodging: If you will be stopping anywhere along the route of your trip to your new home be sure to research hotels/motels and include the price of those services in your budget. Even if you are trying to save money, don’t choose the cheapest option, but ask about what is included in the price. There are useful things like Expedia which you can use as you calculate the amount. Some hotels and motels will even let you book online.
  • Meals: Here, you should include the meals, drinks and snacks that you and your family will be consuming during the trip
  • Child/Pet Care: If you will need these services, babysitter or a pet sitter, please include those fees here. A good way to save money while planning this is to ask your friends, family or neighbors to do this for you, in exchange for some of the things which you will not be taking with you to your new home (they should be in good condition). This will save you money on two fronts: sitter fee and transportation fee for your possessions.
  • Temporary Housing: If your future home isn’t ready for you to move in yet, make sure to include this fee in your budget. A good way to save money here is to stay with some friends or family while you wait for your housing to be ready.

And after you’ve entered all of these in Excel, be sure to check out our upcoming article, the Part 2 of How to save some money as you plan your budget for the move. Good luck!