Renting an apartment in Astoria – what to pay attention to

Many young people nowadays are finding their home in NYC. Queens is a very popular borough among newcomers, there’s no doubt about it. Being one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Queens, Astoria is a sight to see. It was once even named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world by Time Out magazine. Now, how about that? So, yeah, it’s no surprise young folks find it very attractive. If you’re planning on joining the community there are things you should know or pay attention to. As is the case in most NYC parts, people in Astoria mostly rent apartments (renters make up 84% of Astoria residents). It’s safe to assume you’ll do that, too. In the article below find things you should pay attention to when renting an apartment in Astoria, Queens. Stay tuned.

Learn something about the neighborhood

Although it’s very nice to know that Astoria was once named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about the neighborhood before moving there. Don’t worry, it’s mostly the good stuff. Most people praise Astoria for its phenomenal food scene. That’s what the area’s most known for. It’s also one of the safest areas in NYC. That means a lot when you’re renting a flat inside a concrete jungle like NYC. Last but not least – Astoria residents are very proud of their multicultural community.

Plates filled with various foods on a table. Renting an apartment in Astoria will guarantee you try some of the best food in NYC.
If you’re a food lover, you’ll certainly pay attention to Astoria’s fascinating food scene.

Make sure you’re cool with the budget

Astoria is the third most expensive neighborhood in Queens. The median rent in Astoria is about $1700, which is about some $700 above the national average. That being said – you’ll need to have a strong budget if you’re willing to settle in Astoria. Some experts say you need to make about $120.000/year if you want to afford to rent a flat in Astoria.

Get in contact with professional movers

New York City alone is home to quality professional movers. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up in good hands when moving to Astoria, Queens. Maybe you’re in need of some storage space? No problem. You can just reach out to specialists and find a solution in no time. Renters in Astoria do move a lot, and it’s important they have someone to turn to when the relocation time comes. There are also some false professionals roaming the area, so pay good attention when hiring movers.

A woman sitting with a wine bottle in her hand, in front of moving boxes.
NYC alone is home to quality professional movers. When moving around Astoria, you’ll be in good hands and carefree like the lady in the picture.

Find good roommates

If you’re not renting a flat all by yourself, it’s important you find roommates that know some house rules. You don’t want to get stuck with someone you’re not comfortable with being around. Pay good attention when looking for a person with whom you’ll share the apartment. If you and your roommate(s) need any help moving in, feel free to contact folks at They’ll make sure you move in without losing your nerves.

That’s about it. These were some things you should consider before or after renting an apartment in Astoria. Best of luck.