How to rent a perfect storage unit?

If you are looking for a storage unit for the first time and you do not have any experience at all, do not worry. It is a smart decision to rent a perfect storage unit for you, but it is possible just if you do a homework and explore. What is the purpose of a storage unit and warehouse facilities?

  • You can store all the unnecessary items in a storage unit and free up space in your home.
  • If you need a transition after divorce.
  • Your hobby or sports equipment is too big for your home.
  • You can store off-season clothing.
  • Many people sell their home after retirement to travel or they want a smaller home. So, because of that, they rent a perfect storage unit.
  • If you are a world traveler or your business require a lot of traveling, you can store your belongings there.
  • If you are moving to a smaller apartment.
Storage units for renting.

There are many different types and uses of storage units. No matter what your needs and reasons are for rent, it must be perfect.

Things to learn before renting a storage unit?

If you want to rent a perfect storage unit, then you should learn every fact about them before renting. It is a good investment just when you have considered all the facts.

Storage units are not the same

There are many different types of storage facilities. Even in the same company, they can offer you different options. So, to choose right, you should know what do you need and what do you want. Differences are in cleanliness, security system, packing materials, temperature, service, size, etc.

Rental discounts

Do not chase discounts and be cheap, maybe it will costs you more in the end. For example, you will get a discount for the first months, but after that, you will pay your rent much more. So, ask the storage company how often they raise a rent for a storage unit. And to secure yourself, ask them to put that in writing. Prepare and secure yourself before renting anything, not just a storage facility.

Ask about climate-control protection

If you have plants, wooden furniture, papers, sensitive fabrics, you must search for the storage unit with a climate-control protection inside of the storage unit or warehouse.  Changes in temperature and humidity are very dangerous for some items, food, and plants.

Insurance of your belongings

Storage company is not responsible for the items in the units, in the most of cases. Because of that, it is a good and smart idea to ensure all your belongings inside of a storage. Believe us, it is worth it. But, before you buy insurance, check with your real estate agent. Sometimes your renter’s policy includes the insurance in your rent.

Rent a perfect storage unit for you with simple tips

Now, when you know what to pay attention to before you rent a perfect storage unit for your own need, you have to choose one. It does not matter what is the reason for renting it, you and your items deserve the best. Rent a storage unit according to our wishes and requirements.

"perfect" sign.

You can choose a perfect storage facility by following our guide.

Location of a storage unit

The location is very important. If you need your storage unit to be near your home or job, then rent that kind of a storage unit. Especially if you want to make frequent trips. Also, that is not it. Even if you do not make often trips to the warehouse you should avoid locations in areas prone to natural disasters. Or, suspicious and dangerous neighborhoods too.

Visit it before you rent it

Do not rent it without seeing it first. There are so many online fake reviews and sites. Photos can look amazing, but the truth may be disappointed. Dirty and old storage facilities with mold and a bad smell, you do not want to rent that storage, for sure. Ask a storage company can you see three or four storages to compare them.

The reputation of a storage facility

Check a storage company before you use their services. Search for online reviews and read about previous customers experience. What is their rating? Also, ask for referrals. If the past clients are satisfied, then there are big chances you will be too. A good reputation is important.

The size

Calculate how many items for storage do you have? What is their size? Do not rent too big storage because you will pay something you do not need. Put all the boxes you plan to store, in one place. That is how you will have the right picture of the number of your boxes and their size. Also, many people underestimate how many items they have and they end up with too small storage unit. Pick the right storage size for all your items and relax.

Security system

Every person wants to have a good protection. So, the solution for that is a good security system, that includes, cameras, alarm system, human security, fire protection system, quality locks, etc. Check that before renting. It is worth paying a little more for the security. Better safe than sorry.

Cameras outside of a storage unit.

Your items in a storage unit must be protected and secured. Check if the storages have the right security system before you rent it.

So, when you want to rent a perfect storage unit or a warehouse for you and your goods, follow this simple and easy guide. It is really helpful and useful to own one storage unit. Even if you are not moving, you can free up your living space and declutter a home. Clean your life and a house with a storage facility and you will be glad because you rented it. Good luck in choosing a storage unit and we hope that we helped you with this article.