How to relocate a pool table?

Much like relocating pianos or big pieces of antique furniture, moving a pool table is complex, can’t be done on your own and is quite risky. However, if you are moving and want your trusty pool table with you, it has to be done. This guide will try to clear up how to relocate a pool table, whether you decide to hire professionals to help you, or you go the more courageous route and do it on your own.

A guy playing pool

If you have a pool table, it is probably one of your most prized possessions and you want it in your new home.

How to move a pool table in 7 steps

  1. Ask your friends for help and prepare your tools. Pool tables are very heavy and one person cannot disassemble it themselves. You will need your friends’ help handing you tools, helping carry it as well as for moral support. Some of the tools you’ll need if you’re doing it yourself are a power drill,¬†flathead screwdrivers, a socket wrench, a staple puller, safety goggles, re-sealable plastic bags, blankets and other protective materials.
  2. Start by disassembling the side pockets by removing the staples or screws. Then look for bolts that will help you unscrew the rails. Next comes the felt, which the staples keep in place. If you plan on replacing the felt when you re-assemble your pool table, you can just rip it off. However, if you wish to use the same one, be very careful not to rip it when removing it.
  3. Every guide to moving a pool table is quick to state you should have help with this next part. The slate, which is what you want to take off next, is the heaviest part of any pool table. In some cases, it will be in three parts, but it will still be too heavy for one person to carry. You also be careful not to damage it or scratch it when removing it as well as during transportation. After using the power drill to remove the screws, simply remove the slate(s).
  4. Then detach the frame.
  5. Carefully label all of the disassembled pieces, even the tiniest ones. This way the assembling process will be much easier. Then carefully put everything in protective wrapping and take to the moving truck with great care.
  6. Next step in how to relocate a pool table is transportation. Even if you take apart your pool table yourself, each guide to moving a pool table will suggest hiring professional movers to do this bit for you.
  7. Reassembling the table in your new home is very similar to what you did to take it apart. You will need your tools again and might actually want to consider hiring a handyman to assist you in the process. The slate needs to be in perfect balance. Also, take special care when attaching the felt.
A cue with a ball.

You have to make sure to balance your table perfectly, otherwise, your game will be off.

How to relocate a pool table?

The main point in this guide to moving a pool table is to be thoughtful and take your time, as well as to ask for help with the trickier parts of the process. If it seems like too much of a hassle, you can always hire pool table movers instead.