Reasons why moving to Devon, PA is a great idea

Pennsylvania is known as a place that is very tricky to spell. However, there’s much more to it than just that. It’s a state rich in early American history, but there are also many reasons for you to be excited if you’re planning a relocation here. Stunning natural scenery, professional sports, creative arts, diverse culture, and amazing food. And all of that comes at a surprisingly great price. Sounds too good to be true? Well, those are just some of the reasons why moving to Devon, PA is a great idea.

What you need to know about Devon, PA

Devon is a suburb of the city of Philadelphia and it currently has a population of around 2,000. Although it’s not on the list of the best Chester County towns to live in, it is famous for being one of the best places to live in the whole of Pennsylvania.

There are many reasons why this is. For starters, it offers its residents a rural feel that is extremely difficult to come by when living so close to a major city. Most residents own their homes, but there are a few options available if you want to rent.

Additionally, you don’t have to travel to the city if you want to have some fun. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks all around. And since it is so close to Philly, many young professionals live here and travel to work. It’s just a 20-minute car ride at the end of the day.

Man on the streets of Philadelphia thinking about the reasons why moving to Devon, PA is a great idea.
Being extremely close to the biggest city in Pennsylvania, but avoiding all the bad things big city life brings with it is one of the main reasons why moving to Devon, PA is a great idea.

It’s the land of opportunities

People moving into the US from overseas are always talking about how this is a land of opportunities. Well, if you’re an American looking for those opportunities, Devon and Pennsylvania in general, is the place you should look into.

The state’s economy was built and established on a solid foundation of major corporations and strong industries. However, our friends from  Superior Moving & Storage tell us startups also thrive here. Which certainly is an amazing thing to see. Affordable cost of living and collaborative business culture are the two main things that make this possible.

In recent times Pennsylvania has become a tech hotspot. So, its effectiveness and expertise in areas like manufacturing and robotics are growing continuously.

A chance to try a rural lifestyle

As we already mentioned, Devon creates an impression of rural life. And if you have been living in a big city for most of your life, this can be a thing you desperately need.

For starters, moving from a big city to a small town will get you a chance to have more privacy. Your first neighbor isn’t going to be behind the wall of your living room. And that’s something people can’t comprehend when they first get here.

Additionally, you can have a bigger garden and as many pets as you want. You may be surprised when you hear that people are keeping lamas and horses as their furry friends. It’s a completely different experience as opposed to living in a city, and we recommend everyone to try it out.

The possibility to be partially or fully self-sufficient is another one of the reasons why moving to Devon, PA is a great idea. Growing your own food and getting electricity from the sun and wind is something not many people in NYC can brag about.

House on the side of the road in Devon.
If you want to sense the rural lifestyle, Devon may be the perfect place for you.

Affordable cost of living

There are many affordable places to live all across Pennsylvania. Devon unfortunately isn’t the most affordable one, but it isn’t expensive either. Especially if you compare it to big cities like New York, San Francisco, or even Philadelphia.

The cost of living here is about 13% above the national average. And we know that doesn’t sound cheap. However, if we look at the numbers we can see that the situation isn’t grim at all. An average household income is around $152,000 a year and the median home price is right at $560,000. Therefore, a high quality of life on the cheap.

Additionally, you won’t pay too much money to move here either. That is, of course, if you choose one of the local moving companies to help you with your relocation. Pretty much all of them are known for being great value for money and you can be sure that they’ll meet all your needs.

Amazing education opportunities

There probably isn’t a better state than Pennsylvania to raise your children. It is a well-known fact that it is jam-packed with excellent colleges and universities.

One of eight Pennsylvanians will go to Penn State. And that is so well established that it can be considered a part of the PA lifestyle. However, there’s also the University of  Pennsylvania, the prestigious Carnegie Mellon, and of course, the University of Pittsburgh.

When it comes to Devon itself, naturally it doesn’t have any colleges. However, all the elementary and high schools located here are highly rated and respected. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids’ education when moving here.

Sign that says 'love to learn' in college campus.
Your kids will have amazing education opportunities when you move to Devon.

The location of it is great

One more bonus to the story is the location Devon has. As we already mentioned, it is located just 20 miles from the center of Philadelphia. What this means is that you’ll be just 95 miles away from New York City, and 140 miles from Washinton D.C.

Additionally, Baltimore, Boston, and Richmond are all within one day’s reach. Especially if you utilize all the potential Amtrak high-speed train has to offer. 

And if you’re the type of person that would rather fly everywhere, you have that possibility also. Philly airport is just a short drive away and you can fly pretty much anywhere in the world from it. 

There are, of course, many more reasons why moving to Devon, PA is a great idea. However, we don’t have enough space to list them all. If what we told you wasn’t enough to convince you to relocate here, we’re suggesting you visit us. Spend just a few days here and you’ll be very impatient to start your relocation.