Reasons for moving to California

If you have decided to move, then you should move to California. Moving to California can be one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons and now we will mention a few. Only a few because if we start mentioning all the existing reasons to move there it will take a while. But before we mention those awesome reasons why you should live in California keep in mind that you should have a plan on how to move.Coastal California

If you like beaches and you are moving to California, then be ready to live your best life. California is filled with beautiful beaches where you can soak up the sun, swim and watch surfers enjoying in those awesome waves, and of course, you can try and surf as well, why just watch.

sandy beach

Gorgeous Californian beaches

Television stars

You have probably heard that if you go to California some things are meant to be. Like meeting your favorite actor or a singer. Well, that’s not true, in fact even if you spend your whole life there, there are small chances that something like this will ever happen. And the reason for that is that California is huge and even though there are some actors who live there it doesn’t mean that you will meet them. But that is not a bad thing. Because just imagine if there are a lot of famous people and all the crowd and paparazzi around them. You wouldn’t be able to relax. Am I right?

It’s not always warm

There’s a common misconception that in California all there is is warm weather. That is not true. In California, you can enjoy in some snowy days, it happens. And when it does happen it’s magical. So, if you are worried that if you move to California you won’t see any snowflakes ever again, don’t be.

not to worry when moving to California it's not always warm

it can be cold and rainy in California sometimes

Moving to California will make your life healthier

In California, there are tons of healthy food stores and restaurants. You can choose where and what do you want to eat on an everyday basis. Also, maybe you have noticed that people in California are very fit, and in fact, it’s because of such a huge choice of food, gyms and hiking trails. Moving to California will definitely improve your lifestyle.

Be relaxed even at work

Employers in California are let’s say different. They usually do not tell you to come to work all dressed up. You can if you like but it isn’t a must. I’m not saying you should go to work in a tracksuit but indeed you can go casually dressed and enjoy your day at work without having to wear a tie or heels.

Festivals, festivals, festivals

You have probably heard about festivals in California. If you haven’t you probably have lived under a rock, but not to worry you are moving to California. Here you will have a chance to enjoy some of the greatest festivals in the world. Let’s name a few:

  • Coachella
  • BottleRock
  • Wonderland
  • And so many more. By living in California, you get the chance to visit all those festivals for which people from all over the world are spending money on accommodation and trip and you have them on the reach of your hand.
  • People dancing on a festival

    Greatest festivals are in California


If you are moving here with your family and children, first of all, it’s not easy but if you are going to move to California with your kids there are a lot of tips that can make that move easier for you. And of course next thing you are thinking about is an academic life of your children, or even if you are a student then there is nothing to worry about. In California, there are so many Universities that are known for its great systems of education. Stanford, Santa Clara University, and Berkeley are just a few of those Universities.

You can become bilingual

There was a time in your life when you wanted to learn Spanish. We all wanted to learn Spanish. Especially when watching those telenovelas and those beautiful actors speaking in one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Well, by moving to California you will get the chance to do just that. It’s easier to learn a language when you are around native speakers. Also, if you learn Spanish you will make more friends.

Would you like some wine?

California is known for making delicious wine. So, if you enjoy in a couple of glasses of wine you should go and visit Napa Valley and that is just one example of all the places where you can taste a good quality wine in California. Everybody says that one glass of red wine each day is healthy for your heart. So, why not do something good for your heart.

Yes, sometimes there are earthquakes in CA

You have probably heard on the news about earthquake in California at least one time. And yes, that is something that is happening in California here and there, but you have to know that people live there keeping that in mind. Their houses are stronger, their buildings also. Every time they start to build something they are always thinking ahead. Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared and give up on moving to California, because damage caused by the earthquake is minimized.

California food

If you want to eat well and feel full and happy the answer is n-N-Out Burger. Most delicious burgers it’s safe to say in the whole wide world. I mean let’s face it burgers are not the most healthier way to go but you can always burn them out in one of the gyms in California. Also, keep in mind that soon as you want to healthy there is healthy food just around the corner.

Living in California has its pros and cons like everything in life. However, just thinking about living there makes you happier. So why not? When you move there, life can only get better. Relax and enjoy in one of the best places for life in the world.