Real estate guide for Pennsylvania: where to look for your new home

We will make a small real estate guide for Pennsylvania in order to help you when it comes to deciding where to buy your new home. This is an important decision, after all, you will be living here, maybe raising a family so you need to be prepared well and informed about this topic. We can get you started. But still, you will also need to do some research on your own before deciding. So, let’s start with some basic information and see where it gets us.

Real estate guide for Pennsylvania 2021

People often wonder when the best time to buy a home in Pennsylvania is. The answer is during the winter. It’s possible to find a good deal during spring or summer of course but the best deals can be found during cold months. Sellers who wish to sell their home in the winter often want to get rid of it quickly. That way you can usually negotiate a pretty good deal. From 2020 Pennsylvania is shifting to a buyer’s market. The median home price is $173,700 meaning that it’s lower than the national average. Almost all prices like groceries, utilities, and health are also cheaper than the national average which is making this state more and more appealing to young professionals.

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Predictions for 2022

Some predictions say that this is the year to buy a house in Pennsylvania because they might be higher next year. Of course, those are just predictions. Rember when everyone thought that the housing market will crash because of the global pandemic and yet nothing significant happened. It’s good to listen to the experts but after all, it’s your money and you are buying a house (or an apartment) for yourself. So, you should be the one with the final decision.

Real estate guide to Pennsylvania – where to look for your new home

There are plenty of great cities here to choose from. We will make a list of cities you should definitely check out while doing research on your own and give you some basic information. That way it will be easier for you to proceed with your search for your new home:

  • Willow Grove
  • Narberth
  • Penn Wynne
  • Pittsburg

Willow Grove

Willow Grove is considered an edge city of Philadelphia with large amounts of retail and office space. If you are looking for commercial real estate along with your new home this might be a great place for you. This is a great place to live if you like suburban areas and many people do. Especially the ones looking for a nice and yet peaceful place to raise kids and also to be near the big city for convenience. This is a very popular decision because public schools in Willow Grove are highly rated and parents always need to think about the education of their kids. If you find this place to be exactly what you are looking for make sure to contact movers at to help you out.


Narberth is a borough in Montgomery County and you will notice most of these cities are in Montgomery County. This county is simply becoming a very popular destination. Don’t worry the whole area is well covered with great local movers who can help you out with relocation but also with all the other additional services like unpacking and settling in. Now, let’s get back to Narberth. This is a very safe city, actually, it’s one of the safest in the states. The Niche magazine named (in 2019) this town to be one of the best cities to live in Pennsylvania and that is the reason you can find this town in our guide for Pennsylvania.

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Penn Wynne

This is a census-designated place in Montgomery County. Once again this county is on the list. But this is a really great and reasonably affordable city where most residents own their homes. Public schools are also highly rated and it’s a safe place. Yes, this is another suburban area and if you don’t like that then the next city in our guide for Pennsylvania will work best for you.


Pittsburg is a big city but even though it’s a really big city the housing market is considered to be quite cheap (comparing it to other big cities). That is something that attracts young professionals to relocate here. If you like big city hassle but want to save some money then this is the perfect place for you. This is a city with a lot of job opportunities so you should definitely check it out.

The view of Pittsburg, an inevitable citz in our real estate guide for Pennsylvania
This is a big city with very affordable housing.

Relocation and who can help you

Relocations are hard no matter if you are moving just your or the whole family. Of course, moving with kids can be more challenging. This process can take some time and it can be annoying but there is a way to avoid that. Hiring professional movers can be the easy way out. They can do all those hard parts and you can relocate without any additional stress. They can also provide you with a variety of different services in order to accommodate you best. For example, storage is something many people need when they are relocating. Additional space for your items you don’t have the place in your new home can be a good solution. Portable storage is the most popular option since people like their belongings to be close by. Talk to your movers, they can arrange this for you.

Settling in

This is another thing that local movers can do for you. Unpacking as soon as you arrive is very important for you. That way you can start your new life (maybe in one of those cities we showed you in our guide for Pennsylvania). The sooner the unpacking is over with the sooner you will be able to make your new house a home and start feeling at home here.